SMITE Season of Hope update 10.3 release date & patch notes

SMITE 10.3 patch notes

The SMITE Season of Monsters is nearing its end, and here are the patch notes for Season of Hope update 10.3.

SMITE Season of Hope update 10.3 release date

SMITE Season of Hope will be released on March 28th, 2023.

SMITE Season of Hope update 10.3 patch notes

Every season, conquest changes play an important role. This is the primary competitive mode, so it necessitates constant balance attention as well as gameplay changes to keep things interesting.

Conquest Changes

The update 10.3 will make some changes to multiple spawn timers, camp XP/Gold values, and the map as a whole.

  • The map has a variety of art changes including a new skybox, new map lighting, pools of water, and glowing foliage.
  • Adjust the start of the game and decrease the available XP/Gold at level 1
  • Require Junglers to spend more time Jungling or risk sacrificing farm.
  • Decrease the XP/Gold gain of the Jungle Role
  • Decrease the XP/Gold gain of the Mid Role, but by a smaller amount than Jungle
  • Add more XP/Gold value to the solo lane, especially in contestable value, and make the lane more lethal to make winning the lane more possible and impactful
  • Add a new objective to the Gold Fury side to give Duo Lane more strategic impact, but keep their farm about the same.
  • The Jungle pathing will be adjusted to be easier to navigate, especially around all 4 back-harpy quadrants, allowing for easier rotations and more clearly visible team fights

The data clearly shows that Junglers and Mids receive more farm than Carriers, while Solo receives less farm than Carriers. These changes will aim to bring everyone closer to where Carries is now. Support is still at its lowest point on the farm, as it has been in previous years.


The Healing Update

  • All god healing from abilities will be decreased by roughly 30%
  • Healing gods and items will now have more utility and additional effects
  • Healing abilities will no longer scale with power, but with level or items only
  • The Brawling System will be removed
  • Lifesteal will also be reduced by roughly 30% game-wide
  • Most gods and items will be buffed to compensate for the reductions in Healing or Lifesteal
  • In most cases, we expect Healing gods will be stronger overall but will heal for less

The changes to heal scaling and the addition of these new items will provide healers with more options for how they want to build, potentially allowing them to be viable in Support or Solo roles by increasing their potency in a variety of ways other than just huge heal numbers.

Gameplay Feature List

  • Approximately 70 gods receiving balance changes
  • Approximately 80 items receiving balance changes – including T1, T2, Starters, Relics
  • 5 New Items
  • 5 Reworked Items
  • Kill bounty and Shutdown changes
  • Addition of new passive item effect – Shield Reduction – This will decrease the size of the HP Shield placed on the afflicted god.
  • And Quality of Life changes!

The massive amount of changes will include a slew of minor tweaks that are meant to be net neutral for the characters. To compensate, the god’s healing will be reduced while other aspects of their kit will be boosted.

However, there are a number of changes throughout the update that are more likely to shift the meta and drastically alter the viability of gods or items.

That’s all we know so far about the changes coming to SMITE Season of Hope update 10.3.