Sonic X Shadow Generations: Release Date, Different Editions, and Pre-Order Bonuses!

The release date for Sonic X Shadow Generations has been confirmed! Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming title, including editions and pre-order details.

Sonic X Shadow Generations Release Date

Originally announced with a Fall 2024 timeframe, Sega has confirmed that Sonic X Shadow Generations will launch on October 25, 2024, for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch at $49.99. So, no matter your platform of choice, you won’t have to wait long to experience this exciting new adventure.

Standard and Deluxe Editions

Sonic X Shadow Generations will be available in two editions: Standard and Digital Deluxe. The Digital Deluxe version offers an enticing early access opportunity, allowing you to begin your adventure three days before the official launch. It also comes packed with bonus goodies, including:

  • Iconic music tracks from Sonic and Shadow’s past adventures
  • A Terios skin inspired by Shadow’s original concept
  • Behind-the-scenes artwork
  • An extra Shadow level and skin
  • And more!
Sonic X Shadow Generations
Image via SEGA

Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-ordering Sonic X Shadow Generations comes with its own set of rewards. Everyone who pre-orders will receive a legacy skin for Sonic, bringing back his classic look from Sonic Adventure.

For those who choose the Physical Day One Edition, there’s an extra special treat: a 28-page logbook titled “Gerald Robotnik’s Journal.” This journal offers a fascinating glimpse into Gerald’s thoughts and sketches as he created Shadow and the Ark Space Station. It’s a must-have for any fan who wants to delve deeper into Shadow’s backstory!

PlayStation players get an extra treat! Pre-ordering on PS4 or PS5 grants access to bonus extended prologue animations featuring never-before-seen deleted scenes.

With a confirmed release date, exciting editions, and tempting pre-order bonuses, the hype for Sonic X Shadow Generations is definitely in high gear. So, mark your calendars, choose your platform, and get ready for a double dose of hedgehog heroism this October!