Tekken 8 Characater Tier List: Top Fighters to Pummel Your Opponents

Tekken 8 has seen two balance patches, and the dust has settled on who the strongest fighters are. This guide will break down the full Tekken 8 tier list and highlight some of the best characters to play.

Tekken 8 Characater Tier List

Tier Characters
S Jun Kazama, King, Azucena, Dragunov, Devil Jin, Feng, Xiaoyu
A Alisa, Jack, Jin, Kazuya, Leo, Lili, Reina, Shaheen, Yoshimitsu, Victor
B Bryan, Lars, Claudio, Paul, Kuma, Law, Hwoarang, Raven
C Asuka, Leroy, Panda, Steve, Zafina

Top Fighters to Pummel Your Opponents


Currently holding the top spot, Jun remains potent after nerfs. Easy to handle, she packs a punch with powerful mix-ups, lows, and excellent wall carry options. While not invincible, she’s undeniably strong.

Tekken 8 tier list


Arguably the strongest newcomer, Azucena boasts spammable moves that overwhelm beginners. But beneath that simplicity lies surprising depth. Strong stances and counters make her defense formidable, while powerful launchers like WR 3, 2 keep opponents reeling.

Devil Jin

Mastering Devil Jin is no easy feat, but the rewards are undeniable. He’s a blur of movement with lightning-fast lows that appear out of thin air. His tricky mind games make him a formidable opponent for even Tekken veterans.


A force since release, Dragunov remains a top pick. While some pressure tactics were toned down, his mix-up game is still relentless. This veteran favorite is a nightmare to fight for a reason.


Feng thrives on exploiting weaknesses. He has a toolbox of fast lows to poke opponents into submission, strong counters to punish mistakes, and flexible combos that keep foes guessing. Add in phenomenal whiff punishes and mind games through stance switching, and Feng becomes a complete package for punishing any misstep.

Remember: Tekken 8 is well-balanced. While top-tiers offer an edge, skill and practice can make any character a winner. The tier list is subject to change with future updates and DLC additions. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming fighters like Eddy, Lidia, Marduk, and Fakhumram!