Test Your Reflexes With Reflex Tester For Android

In 1995 the Reflex Tester was launched on the web. The ability to measure your reflexes simply by clicking when the color changed, appealed to a lot of people. Because of this, it was (and still is) used a lot. Several websites have since then included it on their sites, giving lots of people the possibility to have fun and test their reflexes at the same time.

Now finally, the Reflex Tester is also available for your Android phone as an application made by the same creator as the original Reflex Tester. It is created by the same creator who made the Android apps Daily Biorhythm, Celebrity Birthday, and CelebMatch.

Reflex Tester for Android

Playing this game is easy: just touch the screen when the color changes. You’ll notice that some color changes are easier to react to than others. Find out how fast can you can react. You can now test your reflexes every day and see how well you’re doing. You can see your best score for today, this week, and all time. So try to beat your weekly score every day and perhaps.

You can even beat your all time score. If you want to start all over with your scores, you can delete your existing scores. You can impress your friends and tweet about it or post your score on Facebook.

Download Reflex Tester