VALORANT Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Skins, Release Date, and Price

VALORANT Episode 9 Act 1 arrives with a splash of color and adorable companions in the form of the Evori Dreamwings bundle. Let’s dive into everything we know about this new cosmetic collection.

VALORANT Evori Dreamwings Bundle Release Date

While not officially confirmed, the Evori Dreamwings bundle is heavily linked to Episode 9’s launch. Following Riot’s recent update schedule, this means the bundle could arrive as late as June 27th.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential timeline:

  • Episode 9 Act 1 Patch: Releases on its scheduled date.
  • In-Game Content: Available one day after the patch.
  • Evori Dreamwings Bundle: Added to the store the day after in-game content arrives (potentially June 27th).

What’s Included?

The Evori Dreamwings bundle was first teased in the Episode 9 Act 1 trailer, sparking excitement among players. Shortly after, a dedicated trailer showcased the following weapons adorned with a fantastical theme:

  • Vandal
  • Ghost
  • Spectre
  • Odin
  • Evori’s Spellcaster (Melee)

VALORANT Evori Dreamwings Bundle
Leaks suggest the bundle might also include sprays, player cards, and potentially even multiple gun buddy sets. Each weapon features a unique color scheme, special effects, and a finisher – all accompanied by a charming creature on your battlefield journey.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Evori Dreamwings bundle might leave your wallet a little lighter. Leaks suggest the entire collection will cost a hefty 9,900 VALORANT Points. While not the most expensive bundle in VALORANT history (Radiant Entertainment System holds that crown), individual items are reportedly pricey as well:

  • Weapons: 2,475 VP each
  • Melee: 4,950 VP
  • Spray: 325 VP
  • Player Card: 375 VP
  • Gun Buddy Set: 475 VP

Stay tuned for confirmed pricing and official details as the Evori Dreamwings bundle swoops into the VALORANT store!

About Valorant

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