Warcraft Rumble Blackrock Dungeon Week Event Guide – Strategies & Tips

Warcraft Rumble Blackrock Dungeon Week
Images via Blizzard Entertainment

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the heart-pounding challenges of the Deadmines Dungeon in Warcraft Rumble’s Blackrock Dungeon Week Event! Prepare yourself for strategic battles and formidable foes as we guide you through the ins and outs of this exhilarating experience.

Warcraft Rumble Blackrock Dungeon Week Event Guide

Choosing Your Blackrock Faction Leader

Before diving into the dungeon, a critical decision awaits: selecting your Blackrock faction leader. Your options are Rend Blackhand (Tier S) and Drake (Tier A). Not only does this choice affect your approach to challenges, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to level up your selected leader.

  • Rend Blackhand (Tier S): Versatile with mounted and dismounted traits.
  • Drake (Tier A): Provides aerial dominance, crucial for navigating diverse challenges.

Facing the Enemies of the Deadmines Dungeon

Mr. Smite’s Challenge:

  • Control the Middle Lane: Secure control of the Middle Lane to access gold veins, which are crucial for strengthening your troops.
  • Balance Resource Management: Find the right balance between collecting gold veins and dealing with enemies on the right lane, particularly Stone Hounds.
  • Utilize Range Units: Place reliable range units strategically to handle smaller enemies while saving resources to deal with Stones and Towers.
  • Select Appropriate Units: Range units are effective against a variety of minions, including harpies, Stone Hounds, and molten Giants. Consider using global units for their versatility against all three bosses.

Cookie’s Challenge:

  • Strategic Tower Control: Obtain all three towers for offensive power and strategic advantages in navigating the level.
  • Timing is Key: Plan a well-timed final push down the remaining lanes after gaining control of all three towers, especially after the AI spends its gold on a massive horde.
  • Diversionary Tactics: Give up one tower to divert the horde down a specific path, allowing you to bypass the concentrated force and swiftly defeat the boss.
  • Predictable Movement Patterns: Face the horde strategically, taking advantage of their predictable movement patterns for controlled and effective confrontations.

Sneed’s Challenge:

  • Understand the Conveyor Belt: Master the conveyor belt mechanics, which continuously spawn enemies and create an ongoing challenge.
  • Smart Strategy: Precisely place whelp eggs, time the use of Drakes and Ren to disrupt the enemy’s advance and stop them before they become a problem.
  • Specific Units: Utilize units like Ren, Drake, and Earth Elemental to counter the conveyor belt’s challenges effectively.
  • Master Timing: Exploit burst windows when the conveyor belt units are briefly cleared to focus on dealing damage to Sneed. Coordinate unit deployment for maximum impact.

Building Your Blackrock Dungeon Week Leader Deck

Constructing a powerful deck is essential for conquering the challenges of Blackrock Dungeon. Consider the following leader and units for a well-rounded strategy:

  • Rend Blackhand: Versatility with mounted and dismounted traits.
  • Drake or Alternative Flying Units: Ensure aerial dominance for various boss challenges.
  • Earth Elemental: Strategic deployment for control during critical moments.
  • QuilBoar: Distraction and damage for smoother progression.
  • Stonehoof Tauren or Alternative Mid-range Cost Tank: Balance your deck with a reliable mid-range tank.
  • Whelp Eggs: Draw attention on the enemy backline for effective crowd control.
  • Harpies (Enhanced Abilities): Enhance gold collection for economic advantage.
  • QuilBoar or Alternative Troop for Damage: Bolster offensive capabilities with additional damage-assisting troops.

As you progress through Blackrock Dungeon, adapt your deck for higher levels. Stay strategic, be versatile, and conquer the challenges that await. Best of luck in leveling up your Blackrock leader and emerging victorious in this week’s Warcraft Rumble event! May your battles be legendary!