Warframe Cross-Save: How to Unite Your Accounts

Warframe Cross-Save
Image via Digital Extremes

Rejoice, Tenno! The days of juggling multiple Warframe accounts across different platforms are officially over. Cross-save has arrived, allowing you to seamlessly unite your progress and unleash your inner ninja warrior on any device.

Warframe Cross-save: How to Unite Your Accounts

To unlock this cross-platform freedom, you’ll need to choose your primary account, which will act as the source of your shared progress. Head over to the Warframe Connect account page and link your other accounts to it. Remember, your primary account takes precedence, so anything unique to your secondary accounts will be overwritten.

For those with multiple accounts brimming with customizations, resources, and currencies, there’s a special one-time offer: account merging. This lets you combine everything from all eligible accounts (created before November 24th and not previously migrated) into your primary account, creating a single, powerful Tenno. Just remember, only one account per platform can be merged, so choose wisely!

Important Notes for Tenno Travellers:

  • Account merging is automatic during the linking process, but only eligible accounts will be included.
  • Be mindful of the primary account’s dominance – you can’t access anything exclusive to your secondary accounts after merging.
  • This merging window isn’t eternal, so keep an eye out for the developer’s announcement before it closes.

With cross-save and merging, Warframe truly transcends platforms. Now you can slay Grineer on your PC, farm resources on your console, and show off your Operator fashion across the board. This is a game-changer for Tenno everywhere, opening up a universe of possibilities for collaborative adventures and shared victories.

So, Tenno, gather your weapons, sync your accounts, and prepare to conquer the Origin System as one!