When Is the Next Valorant Night Market ?

When Is the Next Valorant Night Market ?

What Is the Valorant Night Market?

The Valorant Night Market is a random event that occurs roughly every two months. The event offers players six randomly discounted skins, and the skins offered to each player are completely random.

When Is the Next Valorant Night Market?

We can probably assume that the next Valorant Night Market will drop on November 30, give or take a week. If the next Night Market starts on November 30, it would run until December 13.

The start dates and  end dates for the Night Market in Valorant have also been as follows:

NameStart dateEnd date
Night Market oneDec. 10, 2020Jan. 11, 2021
Night Market twoFeb. 11, 202Feb, 23, 2021
Night Market threeApril 8, 2021April 20, 2021
Night Market fourJune 2, 2021June 15, 2021
Night Market fiveJuly 28, 2021Aug. 10, 2021
Night Market sixSept. 29, 2021Oct. 12, 2021
Night Market sevenDec. 9, 2021Dec. 21, 2021
Night Market eightFeb. 9, 2022Feb. 22, 2022
Night Market nineApril 6, 2022April 19, 2022
Night Market 10May 18, 2022May 31, 2022
Night Market 11Jul 20, 2022Aug 2, 2022
Night Market 12Sep 29, 2022Oct 11, 2022
Night Market 13TBATBA

All Valorant skins, except those classified as Ultra Edition, will be offered in the Night Market. There’s no way of predicting what skins you’ll be offered when you open your Night Market, but you are guaranteed six skins – each for different weapons.

Can I Reroll My Valorant Night Market Skins?

No, you cannot choose to change your Valorant Night Market skins. The skins on offer are the only skins you will have a chance to collect that month. If you want different skins, you will have to wait until the next appearance in the Night Market.

Valorant wiki :

Developer(s)Riot Games
Publisher(s)Riot Games
  • David Nottingham
  • Joe Ziegler
  • Anna Donlon
  • John Goscicki
  • Trevor Romleski
  • Salvatore Garozzo
  • Paul Chamberlain
  • Dave Heironymus
  • David Straily
Artist(s)Moby Francke
Composer(s)Jesse Harlin
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
ReleaseJune 2, 2020
Genre(s)First-person hero shooter

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