How To Install Ubuntu 11.04 On Desktop & VMware [Videos & Download Link]

The Ubuntu 11.04 has been finally released. The new version offers many revolutionary changes to this Gnome desktop based operating system. Here is a  video guide and some screenshots to walk you through the installation procedure. A download link for grabbing Ubuntu 11.04 is given at the end of this post.

How to Install Ubuntu 11.04

Howto Install ubuntu 11.04 on VMware Workstation 7

To install Ubuntu 11.04, boot your system or virtual machine from a media device containing the Ubuntu operating system (such as a CD or DVD) and press enter from the boot screen. You will be then asked to select your keyboard settings, normally this is left to the default “US” layout, since many keyboards are suitable for this setting. You can change these settings according to your preferences. Click Forward to continue.

Select a username, password and click Forward to continue. To avoid the welcome screen each time you login to Ubuntu, choose the “Login Automatically” checkbox.

The rest of the installation procedure will be almost automatic, you might want to avoid connecting to the internet during the installation procedure since it can take hours for the updates to be fetched during the installation process. If your internet connection is disconnected, then the updates will be skipped and you will be able to install Ubuntu quicker (depending upon the number of required updates). This method might be handy for people with a slow internet connection. I use 4MB Broadband connection and even I prefer skipping the updates since they take an awful amount of time during the installation process. you can obviously update your system anytime later on.

After following these easy steps, you should be ready for the new Ubuntu desktop experience.

Download Ubuntu 11.04

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