How To Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS X Lion [Guide]

Previously I wrote a post “How To Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7”. In this post I will tell you a simple way of making Ubuntu look like Mac OS X Lion in 3 easy steps. The below mentioned procedure will help you change the look of your Ubuntu computer to a Mac style desktop in a snap.

Post Update: For Ubuntu 12.04:Use The FakeOSX theme instead of the Aqua theme and follow the rest of the steps given below.

Step 1

  • Download the Mac OS X Aqua Theme (from here).
  • To apply this theme, right-click on your Ubuntu desktop and select Change Desktop Background
  • Go to Themes tab and drag/drop the Mac OS X Aqua theme archive over to it.
  • This will provide an alert that Gnome Theme has been correctly installed.


Step 2

Change your desktop wallpaper by going to Backgrounds tab from Change Desktop Background.  You can use any of the Mac wallpaper given below or use your own wallpaper. To get the below wallpapers, click on the links and save the image from right-click menu option (click on the image to make it large).

Step 3

Now lets get a dock for your Ubuntu computer. You can either use Avant Window Navigator, Dockbar X or Cairo Dock. You can check out the procedure to install docks from below links:

Get Cairo Dock

Get Dockbar X

This will give your Ubuntu desktop the Mac look. See below screenshots to see how you can change the look of your desktop in various ways to make it look like Mac.


Mac Style

Mac OS X

You can experiment with this theme and simple process to suite your needs. For example, you can remove Unity launcher and replace it with Dockbar X or Cairo Dock or keep a dock and a Unity Launcher.

To Revert The Change:

Nothing to it, just choose a different background from “Change Desktop Background”.

Download Mac OS X Aqua Theme