Roblox Arsenal Codes (October 2021)

What are Roblox promo codes?

These are codes that you can use to get free cosmetic items for your avatar! You can equip them to your character in the Roblox Avatar area. You will keep these items permanently, so don’t worry about them disappearing. However, make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible as they will expire after a certain time.
Unfortunately, we don’t know when new codes are coming to Roblox, so these are just as amazing to you as they are to me! If there’s new code, we’ll usually include it at the top of the page, so it’s the first thing you see.

How To Redeem Roblox Arsenal Codes

Open the game, press “M”, which will open the main menu. After this, look for the red button on the side of the screen. Click on it and a tab will open; You will need to write the codes above in the blank space and press Enter for redeem.

Roblox Arsenal Codes (Active) :

Here list 25 available codes :

GARCELLO – Get free Garcello skin, emote and Garcello kill effect.
ROLVE – Fanboy Skin.
NEWMILO – Delinquent skin with the Milo unusual.
F00LISH – Jackeryz Skin.
PET – PetrifyTV Announcer Voice.
POKE – Poke Skin.
FLAMINGO – Flamingo Announcer Voice.
KITTEN – Koneko Announcer Voice.
POG – 1,200 Bucks.
MILO – Delinquent skin.
CastlersUnusual100k – Ace Pilot Skin.
CBROX – Phoenix Skin.
JOHN – John Announcer Voice.
NEWMILO (WOMAN) – Rabblerouser skin with the Milo unusual.
unusualbias – Suspicious Stranger Skin.
ANNA – Anna Skin.
BLOXY – Free Money.
Bandites – Bandites Announcer Voice.
EPRIKA – Eprika Announcer Voice.
3BILLY – Holoend Kill Effect.