Sons of the Forest Guide – Map icon meanings & GPS navigation

If you’re curious about the meanings of the map icons in Sons of the Forest and how to use the GPS navigation to travel to your destination, read on.

Sons of the Forest Guide – Map icon meanings & GPS navigation

To use the GPS, all you have to do is press the “M” key. The device doesn’t show the whole island like a flat, 2D world map does. Instead, it only shows parts of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • To zoom in or out, use the middle mouse button.
  • The map’s orientation will change depending on which direction your character is facing.
  • Given the foregoing, your best bet is to pick a single location that will serve as your reference (i.e., the helicopter crash site) and is relative to all other locations in the game.

As for the map icon meanings in Sons of the Forest, you’ll want to take note of the following:

  • Blue “K” – This is Kelvin, another crash survivor. He becomes a companion, despite the fact that his controls/functions are limited.
  • Caves – Several caves on the island are already marked on your map. These have cool rewards like the Rope Gun/Zipline Gun, Rebreather, and Shovel.
  • Green circles/markers – These are also points of interest, which are usually caves, tunnels, or interesting landmarks. Some may lead to unusual or surprising secrets, such as a room with a 3D Printer (where you can craft the Sled).
  • Helicopter crash site – This will probably be your main point of reference. No matter where you are or how the map turns, you should look at the crash site in relation to the nearby mountain ranges, rivers, and beaches.
  • House – Represents any tent or shelter you’ve constructed. These serve as save points and rest stops.
  • Purple circles/markers – These are the GPS Trackers used by squad members who have since died. When you’re close to a location and pull out your GPS device, it will make a beeping sound. These locations provide rewards such as the Flashlight and Pistol.
  • Other GPS markers – Later on, you can obtain the aforementioned GPS Trackers (i.e., purple markers), which can be passed on to other companions to make them appear on your map as well.

Now that you’ve mastered the map, it’s time to explore all of the locations in Sons of the Forest.