Exchange 2007 SCC cluster problem

Question : Exchange 2007 SCC cluster problem


I have exchange 2007 SP1 SCC cluster installed on windows 2008 enterprise edition. Everything is working fine. I have a small issue, when I try to move the cluster from Node1 to Node2 from EMC or EMS, all recourses move except Quorum. The exchange is working fine even when Quorum is in one server and all other recourses in another server.

I think its a matter of configuration that I have to do to move all recourses to another server. Please Help.



Solution: Exchange 2007 SCC cluster problem

when you click the Exchange group do you see Quorum resource in it…is what he means.

To move quorum in Windows 2008 manually, you need to type the following command

cluster group “cluster group” /move:othernodename