Cloud Computing: What’s It Behind Your Favorite Apps and Games?

People who play video games, mobile games or just use any kind of application on their smartphones, usually don’t care about the technical side behind the screen. And they don’t have to. However, understanding the working process of the huge machine helps us gain some idea about technological advancements that we could achieve so far. The name of that machine is Cloud Computing.

Every year, hundreds of new titles come out on gaming platforms and different app stores. Year by year, games become more immersive and fascinating, aiming to gain as many players as possible. The quality of graphics, smoothness, and enhanced accessibility can be achieved thanks to powerful cloud computing capabilities. Luckily, gaming companies are fond of using those tech achievements in order to develop competitive products.

In this article, we will dive into the world of cloud computing and see what’s its influence on modern software development, particularly on various applications and gaming platforms. 

A way to more secure gaming

Although technology grows beyond our expectations and many markets, including the gaming industry, introduce better products thanks to those developments, there is still a major concern about players’ online experience – security. Not only everyday applications and gaming platforms but also gambling companies face potential threats in the face of cyber-attacks, that may risk thousands of personal data. The good news is that cloud computing provides some protection layers against it. Data encryption is one of the important aspects of cloud security, and it ensures that user information remains safe and confidential. 

Reputable cloud providers use industry-standard encryption techniques to safeguard data during transmission and storage. Moreover, the same gaming and gambling companies empower this by using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, which is safer than traditional payments. A crypto casino with online gambling features can only benefit from enabling crypto payments. Blockchain technology, which is the foundation of most cryptocurrencies, offers security gates to protect financial transactions from potential cyber threats. 

Not only online casinos and gaming platforms, but also other online services could provide a better secure environment for their customers, by integrating blockchain with cloud-based servers.

Access From Anytime and Anywhere

For a moment, let’s not concentrate on games and apps. Before cloud gaming would become widely used and respected technology, users’ digital activities were mostly localized, which means to access a certain document, image, or other material, people had to be close to their computers. The whole idea of the cloud is to enable digital content accessible from anywhere. But this is not all, since sharing files through the cloud comes with additional benefits, such as lower costs, enhanced security, etc.

This level of flexibility covers the gaming industry as well, positively affecting not only customers but also game developers. Gone are the days, when they needed to create multiple applications for different operation systems. Today, cloud computing allows them to run their application on various platforms effortlessly, which reduces the product cost, and also the fee players need to pay to purchase a game or another service.

But what does accessibility exactly mean in the context of gaming experiences? Well, many of us stream high-quality games without any problems, just on our computers. A few years ago, people would need additional hardware to afford that luxury. Today, streaming such games is not only labeled as luxury but also seems a usual activity, that sometimes we take for granted.

Regular Updates and Improvements 

Not only for games and various applications but also for any digital product, updates are literally crucial. The less the developers pay attention to that factor, the more they risk users’ data protection, so customers mustn’t wait for a long time until the updated version of the product, with security improvements and bug fixes. In fact, more than 200 top applications are updated every week on Google Play, which is 25% of the most popular and downloaded 100 apps on the store. If we calculate the number on a monthly basis, it will be more than 60%. These statistics show the importance of updates the developers deliver every month, and the fact that they are able to operate with this frequency is the gift of cloud computing.

Finally, a major strong point that cloud computing makes in game and app development, is ensuring the direct line between users’ experience and developers. When every time you are asked to rate the app or leave a review, think about it. All this information and other data could be gathered and analyzed, which makes the user experience better and better. Cloud analytics play a significant role in improving user feedback loops, so developers can collect and analyze data on user behavior and preferences, gaining valuable insights to optimize their apps and games continually, and as a result, we have the competitive market that exists today on the app stores and web platforms.