TikTok Publishes New Report Into Mobile Game Marketing

Mobile gaming has become a key pillar of the modern digital culture, powered by the diversification of the player demographics and the rising competition for downloads. To navigate the changes in this industry, TikTok has partnered with the National Research Group to leverage its proprietary tracking tool (Franchise IQ) and gain valuable insights into the market. The proprietary tool delivers an in-depth analysis of the franchise health of users aged 18-64 years, incorporating over 4 years of data from 700 businesses and 50 metrics in 9 countries.

Following the partnership, TikTok and NRG have presented a detailed whitepaper dubbed “The New Era of Mobile Gaming”. The report explores the dynamics of the mobile gaming industry while offering actionable insights for game developers, publishers, and marketers to engage effectively with modern gamers.

Here are some key takeaways from TikTok’s report

  • 53% of TikTok users refer to themselves as modern gamers
  • Advertising mobile games on TikTok contributes to higher brand memorability and favorability.
  • 86% of players found new games through online platforms, with TikTok accounting for a significant portion.

The Modern Gamer

Mobile gaming represents over 50% of the global gaming revenue, with publishers using innovative strategies and promotions like the bet365 bonus code to attract more players. As such, the sector is expected to surpass 2 billion players by the end of 2024. That means one in every four people in the world will end the year as a mobile gamer.

The report also shows that over 60% of mobile gamers can be categorized as “modern players”, spending a least 7 hours every week playing games on their smartphones. This group of players has a significant influence on the digital gaming culture, with the success of games coming from:

  • Cultural awareness: Modern players are almost five times more likely to embrace the global popular culture, making them trendsetters in the current gaming market.
  • Brand loyalty: Modern player are almost twice as likely to openly express their brand loyalty. That’s a valuable trait for mobile game marketers looking to develop lasting connections with their players.
  • Influencers: Modern players are twice as likely to express their opinions over new products with their peers, establishing the group as influencers in their social circles.

Strategies to engage modern gamers

For modern players, the decision to participate in any game lies in several factors:

  1. Connection – Establish a solid presence on TikTok, where modern players are active. Modern players are also 27% likely to recommend their favorite games to fans, which highlights the essence of genuine interaction, brand trust, and emotional resonance.
  2. Cultural relevance – Leverage current trends when marketing mobile games to resonate with digital gamers, who are 28% likely to recommend titles they find culturally relevant. The strategy ensures that the games remain connected to the global popular culture.
  3. Community – Leverage user-generated content and creators to keep the mobile game within the current social conversations. Modern gamers also value community-driven gaming experiences and partnering with content creators amplifies that effect, fostering a solid gaming community.  

By leveraging these smart strategies, publishers and marketers can efficiently connect with modern players. They can also ensure their mobile games capture the attention of the audience and foster an engaged and loyal player base.