The Most Popular Windows Apps Among Students

Students can no longer purely rely on hardcopy books to learn. Apps have made learning much easier and they come with uncountable advantages. Using apps, students can learn different subjects easier and they can remember what they learn many days later.

Compared to hardcopy books and lecture lessons, students can easily key in main words and find everything they want for a certain subject like formulas, language learning, planning lessons, exam preps, and so on. Here are some of the best student apps for windows.

Google Docs

Google Docs has similar features like the older Microsoft office suite that has several office applications in one suite. Google Docs can work both online and offline and its greatest advantage is that it saves documents in cloud storage.

When using Google Docs, a student will never worry about losing documents due to viruses, crushing computers, theft, and so on. A student who is conversant with Windows 10 for students will find Google Docs easy to use because it has a lot of templates that students will find useful in the process of learning.


Dropbox is similar to Google’s OneDrive because it offers cloud storage for your documents. You can store your photos, videos, and college documents all in one place and view or download them from any location in the world.

The free package allows you to store a maximum of 2GB but if you want more space, you can opt for the premium package.

Ask for help for students 

Educational apps have made learning easier because students can download the apps and use them for learning various subjects. There are apps for Windows that can be used for writing to help students take notes fast, math apps to help solve math problems, homework apps, and so on. Besides help enjoyed from these apps, students can also get assignment assistance from trusted service Uk.EduBirdie. The writers there assist 24/7 in homework, essays, coursework, dissertations, and many other types of school and college assignments.


OneNote was developed by Microsoft to help students improve their note-taking abilities. Using this app, students can take notes fast and save time. The app has several user-friendly features that enable students to take notes, add photos, create tables, and add videos plus several other features.

The free app has provided a collaborative workspace between students and teachers because teachers can create notes using the app and share them with students. Students too can share their notes with other students, which makes learning much easier.


Skype provides an easier way for students to connect via video chat and share a learning experience with their fellow students. They can connect and brainstorm on a challenging subject without leaving their rooms. A student might want to connect with their parent back home and Skype provides a way to connect for free.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes enables students to create reminders and stick them on their computer desktops. It can be a reminder for that crucial date for submitting an assignment or an important class activity. The newer sticky notes version has several more features like dark mode view, surface pen, and image adding feature.


myHomework helps you plan all your homework activities in one place and you can use the app to track your progress because you can mark each assignment after completing it. Using the same app, you can list all your classes for the week and assignments for each lesson.

The app has a calendar to help you arrange your lessons according to date and its homework feature enables you to arrange your homework according to priority. You can even create reminders for upcoming assignment submissions. The app is free, although you can sign up for its premium package at $5 annually.


Polar helps you store all your study materials together and allows you to highlight the notes you are reading, write notes and arrange them as you wish. You can use the app to measure your study progress and it has several features that help you make your learning simple. The sidebar displays notes you have read and it’s available as a Chrome extension for free, although you may subscribe at $5 monthly.


Modern learning has changed and new techniques have been developed to help students access learning materials 24/7. Educational apps provide a useful and cost-effective way of learning and they can help connect teachers, students, and parents collaboratively. Many student apps are compatible with Windows, are easy to use and most of them are free to download, install and use except for a few that have premium features.

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