Ultimate Beginners Guide to Deadside

There has been an increasing amount of survival games, but none of them gave us quite the challenge as Deadside. At first, you’ll think that it’s just another survival game. But when you start to explore the area and get to know your character, you realize that it has a deeper storyline that can easily get you hooked. 

And that’s why a lot of people are obsessed with the game. If you want to join in on the fun, you have to be prepared. Fortunately, we’ve been playing Deadside long enough to provide you with tips and tricks to help you survive the game.

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Survival Strategy

Since Deadside is a survival game, then the first thing you have to do is come up with a survival strategy. You have to plan out how you’re going to stay in the game because being prepared is the best way to win. 

If you’re familiar with this type of game, then you know that it’s usually between staying hidden or being on the offensive and start attacking opponents. But, you have to bear in mind that Deadside also has a realistic element where your character has to eat and drink to live. That forces you to go out and look for food and water – and eventually face the enemy. Thus, going on stealth mode isn’t always a good option. 

With that in mind, you have to prepare your mode of attack. Do you gather supplies first or do you prioritize weapons? The answer largely lies in your playing style. 

Arm Yourself Wisely

Another tip that we can give you is to arm yourself wisely. We all know that the beginner’s knife can only do so much, so you have to look for better weapons as you move along. 

Generally, you can carry two weapons with you. The key is to make a damaging one as your primary and equip your character with an equally damaging one as secondary. This gives you a higher chance to survive. 

But, did you know that you can start carrying more weapons? The key is to find jeans with pockets and a backpack and use them as you explore the map. The bag and pockets will give you extra storage space for your weapons, so you’ll be ready in case you have to travel far. 

Also, it might be tempting to collect as many weapons as you want. After all, they’re everywhere on the map. However, since you only have limited storage available, it’s best to get sell the weak ones and replace them with the stronger ones you’ve found. 

Explore the Map

Exploring the map is another valuable tip that we can give you. By exploring the map, you not only get to find better weapons, but it will also help you become more familiar with the Deadside grounds. This gives you an edge when you have to build a base or run away from the enemy. 

Also, Deadside is filled with side missions that will help you earn money, get survival supplies, or get better weapons. That will surely give you an edge over your opponents. 

How to Upgrade Gears

If you’re new to Deadside, the first thing you’ll notice is that everything seems to cost a lot of money. And that’s one of the reasons why we encourage you to go on side missions or explore the map more.

Luckily, the game gods also gave us a way to upgrade our gear for free. By killing an opponent, you will end up with a free gear upgrade. This is where you put your shooting and aiming skills to the test. 

As a side note, you might also want to try Deadside hacks to help you shoot more accurately. This will help you save up on ammo while defeating the enemy quicker. 

Healing Secrets

Even if your character takes a hit, you can heal him with a bandage. Most new players are unaware of this healing capacity, so their characters end up dying. 

The best bandage cost money, but they restore a lot of your health. If you don’t want to spend money, you can use torn rags from a clothing item and use them with liquor. As a tip, only spend money on the healing bandage if your character is critically damaged. Otherwise, you’ll get by with a crafted bandage. 

Storage Secrets

And finally, Deadside has a lot of storage options where you can safely keep your loot. There are various lockers and containers available around the map, and you can use them for keeping all your supplies. 

We recommend securing as many storage spaces as possible, so you don’t have to worry about supplies running low. Also, you don’t have to worry about having them placed in different locations across the map. They are clearly labeled, so you can easily go to them whenever you need supplies or weapons.