6 LoL Champions with the most skins entering 2023

Skins are a great way to give your favorite champion a fresh, original look, so it’s no surprise they are the most sought-after goods in League. Over 160 champions are available in League of Legends, with new skins being released almost every two weeks. You can pick from a wide variety of skin lines; Bewitching, K/DA, Empyrean, High Noon, Project, and many more.

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League of Legends Skins

Riot’s appeal to the masses results in popular champions receiving more skins than unpopular ones. While some champions get a new skin once every few years, others cannot keep up with the sheer volume of skins they receive.

This makes players aggravated and sad, as their favorite champions aren’t getting the love they deem necessary. Who can blame them? Skins add a shine to your champion that can’t be missed, and it’s exciting to anticipate their release and learn more about their backstory. This article will showcase 6 champions with the most skins under their belts entering 2023.

16 Champion Skins


We included Ahri in the list since her Prestige K/DA 2022 version of the original skin was released last year, bumping her skin count to 16. In addition, by being featured in numerous musical videos along with Akali and Kai’Sa, Ahri got a couple of music-themed skins, increasing her popularity in recent years. The first Ahri skin, Dynasty Ahri, was released back in 2011, and the latest, released in 2022, was Arcana Ahri.


The first spark of fame Akali received was in 2011, half a year after release when her Nurse Akali skin was released. Afterward, she got a slew of decent and unique skins, especially with the rise of the K/DA skin line. After that, she got featured with Ahri and Kai’Sa in music videos from which she got a few skins, much like Ahri. Her first skin release was Stinger Akali in 2010; the latest was Star Guardian Akali in July 2022.


Ezreal is regarded as one of the best champions in professional play, thanks to his incredible kit. Due to this, it is no surprise Riot keeps him on their soft side, with skins being released nearly twice a year. He also owns two World Championship skins; TPA Ezreal from 2013 and SSG Ezreal from the 2018 championship. Ezreal’s oldest skin is Nottingham Ezreal from 2010, and Porcelain Protector from 2022 is the most recent one.


Sivir is one of the oldest League champions, introduced during the Alpha in 2009. Sivir currently owns 14 skins, but with the upcoming event for the Chinese New Year, she will receive the Mythmaker Sivir skin and the Prestige version. It is essential to mention PAX Sivir, one of the rarest skins made during the 2011 PAX Prime Event. This prestigious skin is unavailable today, which has sparked debates on how to get it. The oldest skin is a 2010 Warrior Princess Sivir, and the newest will be Mythmaker skins.

17 Champion Skins

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune being an Attack Damage Carry, doesn’t offer the kit or versatility Ezreal does, so we don’t see her much in pro play. Nonetheless, she is entertaining and adored in the community, placing her second on our list. She has recently been known for her insane poke potential when playing AP, so players worldwide opt to take her for the thrill of dealing tons of damage from afar. She owns a 2022 version of the Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune skin; her oldest skins are Cowgirl and Waterloo Miss Fortune, both released in 2010. The newest MF skin is the 2022 Prestige.

18 Champion Skins


This wonder of a champion takes the first spot with whopping 18 skins. The cherry on top is her Elementalist skin which offers an extra 10 forms which can easily be standalone skins. Lux is known for her versatility in mid or bot lane and high damage potential, which makes her extremely fun. She also has a 2022 Prestige version of the Prestige Battle Academia skin. On her release in 2010, she came out with Sorceress and Spellthief skins, and her last skin was released in late 2022, Empyrean Lux.