Where to Find Secret iPhone Tricks for Beginners 2020

We all love iPhone devices for their security and convenience. It comes with a lot of cool features that make it stand out from the crowd. However, do you think that you have explored all the features of an iPhone? If yes, then that’s great.

If no, then you are going to love this article. Here, we will discuss some secret iPhone tricks for beginners. These tricks can help you get into someone’s iPhone without even letting them know about it. You can monitor their location, social apps, call logs, and every other application of their device. Sounds interesting?

If you think of yourself as a beginner and do not have any technical skills, then you would love to know that anyone can use this trick to monitor an iPhone. The best thing is- You do not need to jailbreak their iPhone to access it.

So, let’s start and discuss the trick and how you can do it remotely.

What is iPhone Monitoring?

As the name suggests, iPhone monitoring is a process in which you monitor an iPhone device without letting the owner know. This process is usually done with the help of a phone-monitoring platform and its features. You can quickly check someone’s social media accounts, location, call logs, and other sensitive data through this method.

Most of the iPhone monitoring platforms require jailbreak iPhone to function. However, the method that we have covered in this article does not require you to touch the iPhone device to monitor it. 

So, let’s go ahead and discuss the platform that makes it possible to monitor an iPhone with the minimum resources.



Minspy is one of the most useful phone monitoring solutions in the world. This platform is used by the phone-monitoring experts to track any smartphone remotely. With its focused features, anyone with little or no technical knowledge can get into an iPhone within a few minutes.

The cool features from minspy have already attracted more than 1 million active users for its services. Additionally, it has received praise from leading publishers like Forbes and CNET. 

It was introduced as a solution for users concerned about their privacy while monitoring an iPhone device. To solve this concern, they have provided a portal where no other person can access the retrieved data other than the user itself. Additionally, they do not ask you to jailbreak the targeted device to access its data. 

Hence, it is one of the most preferred phone monitoring applications for all types of users.

Features of Minspy

Minspy is well-equipped with a lot of useful features. However, here are some of the most popular features offered by this platform.

Location Tracker: It is the most popular feature of this application that helps you track the targeted iPhone’s location. All you need to do is click on this feature, and it will show you their location and the last few places visited by them.

Browsing History: You can also check the websites that they have visited in the last few days. This feature can track their history from all the major web browsers and show it on your online account’s dashboard.

Social Apps: It is one of the most favorite features of Minspy users. This feature allows you to monitor all the social media accounts of that iPhone. It means that you can read their Whatsapp conversations, Snapchat history, Instagram, Facebook messenger, etc. The best thing is that you can do all of this without cracking their password.

Call Logs: Check all the call logs of the targeted iPhone. You can also check their frequently connected contacts and know they are talking to. 

How to Track iPhone with Minspy

Tracking an iPhone with Minspy is so easy that even a non-technical person can feel like a professional tracker. You can learn more to focus on iPhone spy app through their setup guide. 

To start with this application, you need to visit its official website and create a free account. Just like any other website, it will ask you for your email address and further details. Complete the form and create a password for your account.

After that, you will be asked to subscribe to their membership. These memberships are designed to provide you customized solutions as per your requirements. If you want to monitor a single iPhone device, then you can proceed with the basic plan. However, you will need to upgrade your membership in case you add another device to your account.


In the third step, you need to click on the iPhone logo and enter the iCloud credentials of your kid’s account, as shown in the above picture. It will take a few minutes to connect this account with their phone.

You can then click on the dashboard and use the available tools to monitor any application of their device.

For example, if you want to check someone’s iPhone location, click on Location Tracker under the dashboard to get their exact location on an easy-to-read map. Similarly, you can check their Snapchat account under the social apps column on your account’s dashboard.

Conclusion- The best way to get into someone’s iPhone

After completing this article, you can start monitoring any iPhone you want. No coding skills- No technical knowledge- No jailbreak. All you need is this online platform that delivers reliable tools and features to monitor any smartphone you want. You won’t need any other skills, as this multi-feature platform can do everything at a single place.

Most of the users worry about the privacy of their data while using such platforms. Hence, Minspy is an excellent option for those as it works confidentially and securely. No one other than you can check the retrieved data from any device on your account.

Additionally, the package is so affordable, and anyone can sign up for a demo version of this website. That is why everyone must try to start a journey of new and innovative phone monitoring.