All Fortnite Tover Token Locations: How to unlock Snap parts in Season 3 ?

All Fortnite Tover Token Locations: How to unlock Snap parts in Season 3 ?

There are typically three tokens at multiple places, such as Rave Cave, Condo Canyon, and Shift Shaft.

  • Tover Token 1 ( Seven Outpost 7) can be found towards the eastern portion of the map at one of the small islands.

  • Tover Token 2  is right behind the previous token towards the southwestern section of the island.

  • Tover Token 3 can be found towards the center portion of the island.

How to unlock Snap parts in Season 3

To unlock new parts for Snap, you will have to search for Tover Tokens. These are like Omni-Chips or Alien Artifacts, except you don’t have to collect a certain amount to buy a piece. Instead, players just need to collect every Tover Token in a specific location in order to unlock a part.

All Fortnite Tover Token locations

List of all the locations you can find Tover Tokens and what Snap part they unlock:

  • Rocky Reels – Tenta-Classic
  • Reality Falls – Classic Red
  • Seven Outpost VII – Utility
  • The Joneses – Mechabasher
  • Logjam Lumberyard – Skelly
  • Sleepy Sounds – Trashblaster
  • Rave Cave – Pimento
  • Lil’ Shaftie – Poptop
  • The Ruins – Sgt. Brush
  • Shift Shafts – Mato
  • Condo Canyon – Raw Power
  • Sanctuary – Techa-Snap
  • Greasy Grove – Camo

Players will need to collect three Tover Tokens at each location listed above.

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