Best Kits to Use in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team – A Stylish Guide

best EA Sports FC 24 kits
Images via EA Sports

Looking good on the pitch is just as important as winning, so if you’re looking for the best kits to use in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, look no further.

Best Kits to Use in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team – A Stylish Guide

Tips for Choosing Kits

When choosing kits for your Ultimate Team team, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Color clash: Make sure the colors of your home and away kits don’t clash with each other or with the kits of your opponents. This will make it easier to distinguish your players from the opposing team.
  • Design: Choose kits that you like the look of. After all, you’re going to be seeing them a lot!
  • Uniqueness: If you want your team to stand out from the crowd, consider choosing kits that are less common. You can do this by using kits from smaller clubs or international teams, or by using vintage or special edition kits.

Best Kits

Germany Home Kit

Germany’s international success may have waned, but their kits remain exceptional. The white top with a bold black stripe down the middle and a central logo is truly eye-catching, especially in a long-sleeve version.

Fiorentina Home Kit

best EA Sports FC 24 kits

Few kits are as iconic as Fiorentina’s purple attire, and this year’s subtle print throughout adds a touch of elegance. The Kappa kit from Italy has always been a symbol of culture, and this year is no exception for Fiorentina.

AC Milan Away Kit

A sleek white design with the club’s traditional black and red strip running down one side of the top, as well as horizontally across the socks. A simple yet captivating design that won’t lead to in-game clashes.

Belgium Home Kit

Belgium’s kit stands out, thanks to the flames adorning the sleeves. Perhaps your players wearing these sleeves will bring some fire to the pitch, or at the very least, they’ll look good.

Benfica Away Kit

best EA Sports FC 24 kits

Benfica’s away kit exudes a classic charm with its all-black strip and vertical and horizontal strips down the top and socks.

Lyon Home Kit

Lyon has opted for a completely white kit with their colors in a slim vertical stripe down one side, creating a timeless look. Gold detailing adds a touch of sophistication.

Venezia Home Kit

Venezia is synonymous with style, and their all-black kit with signature orange and green running down the middle is a testament to their commitment to football and fashion. Sponsorless and elegant, it’s a true classic.

Real Betis Away Kit

Real Betis’ kit is a true beauty, showcasing the craftsmanship of Danish manufacturer Hummels. It features a subtle pattern all over the green kit, making it a modern classic. The Real Betis away kit stands out as our favorite in this year’s game.

West Ham Away Kit

West Ham’s kit is the embodiment of simplicity and cleanliness. An all-white kit with subtle claret and blue detailing on the collar and sleeves creates a stylish and understated look.

Ajax Away Kit

Ajax and Adidas have collaborated once again to bring you an array of splendid kits. While the third kit might be the highlight, it’s not in the game yet, so we recommend the away kit. It features classic three stripes on each shoulder and a pastel zigzag pattern.

Of course, these are just a few of the many great kits available in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Ultimately, the best kit for you is the one that you like the most. So take your time, browse the selection, and find the kit that perfectly represents your club or your personal style.