Best Way to Farm Star Fragments in Lies of P

farm Lies of P Star Fragments
Images via Neowiz Games

If you find yourself struggling with tough bosses in Lies of P and need additional Star Fragments, you can farm them efficiently by following these steps.

Best Way to Farm Star Fragments in Lies of P

To amass a stockpile of Star Fragments quickly, head to the Krat City Courtyard. There, you’ll encounter a large puppet-like enemy on all fours near baby Elena’s location.

This enemy has an impressively high drop rate for Star Fragments, averaging around 99% of the time. In our extensive testing, there were only rare instances where a Star Fragment did not drop upon defeating this enemy. To put this into perspective, running this route for just a few minutes can yield multiple Star Fragments, making it an efficient farming method.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the farming location:

  • Fast travel to the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer, where you previously defeated the Scrapped Watchman boss after rescuing Geppetto from the Mad Donkey.
  • Once you arrive, turn around and make your way back through the city hall, dealing with the two sword-wielding enemies.
  • As you exit the other side of the building, look to your left. You will spot a larger enemy relentlessly pounding the ground.
  • Approach and engage this enemy in combat. Upon its defeat, it will consistently drop a Star Fragment.

This farming route not only provides Star Fragments but is also an excellent source of ergo for character level-ups, yielding around 500 ergo per run. Whether you’re in the early stages of the game or looking for a simple and effective method to bolster your character’s power, this route is a valuable asset in your Lies of P journey.

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to efficiently farm Star Fragments, ensuring you have the spectral assistance needed to conquer even the most formidable adversaries in Lies of P.