Starfield Alien Egg Hunt: Where to Find and What to Do

Starfield Alien Egg
Images via Bethesda Softworks

Starfield is filled with numerous easter eggs, and one of these hidden gems is the Alien Egg, which you can locate while exploring the vast universe. Here’s its exact location.

Starfield Alien Egg Hunt: Where to Find and What to Do

To find the Alien Egg, you need to travel to the planet Procyon III, located in the Procyon A Star System. This star system is near the Sol Star System where Earth can be found and is close to the Alpha Centauri System where New Atlantis is located.

  1. Begin by setting a course for Procyon A Star System and land on the planet Procyon III.
  2. Look for the scanner anomaly on the planet’s surface and land near it.
  3. Once you have landed, be prepared for a bit of wandering as you explore the area.
  4. During the Into the Unknown quest, keep an eye out for alien creatures that resemble scorpions.
  5. When you encounter these scorpion-like creatures, you are close to the Alien Egg.
  6. Nearby, you will find a container with the Alien Egg inside.

While Starfield offers various rewards for completing quests, the Alien Egg isn’t one of them. This peculiar item serves a singular purpose—it’s an egg, exactly as it appears. There are no grand quests or intricate uses associated with it. Instead, you can bring it back to your spaceship and let it serve as an intriguing conversation piece for your crew to ponder.

Starfield boasts an array of easter eggs, including references like the Adoring Fan, the iconic ‘arrow to the knee,’ and recognizable landmarks. The Alien Egg, on the other hand, pays homage to the Xenomorph eggs from the iconic movie franchise, Alien.

As you journey through the cosmos of Starfield, take delight in discovering these playful nods to classic pop culture, and who knows what other hidden treasures await in the depths of the universe?