Destiny 2 Empty Grief: A Warning About The Weird Challenge

Destiny 2 Empty Grief: A Warning About The Weird Challenge

Destiny 2 offers a lot of experience with new challenges each week in the first few weeks of the new season. One of the many challenges in Destiny 2 is Empty Grieft. Many players have recently reported that they are unable to accomplish this challenge despite the fact that nothing went wrong during the challenge. So, we’re here to help you complete the Destiny 2 Empty Grief challenge.

Destiny 2 Empty Grief: Parameters Of The Challenge

Destiny 2 Empty Grief Challenge

Destiny 2 wants you to complete the Sever – Grief task and beat it utilizing only Void, Kinetic, or Stasis damage this week. These constraints are fairly lax and entirely manageable. However, many gamers have complained about that they are having difficulty completing the challenge. This has prompted some to believe that the challenge has been bugged.

Destiny 2 Empty Grief: Is The Challenge Bugged?

Destiny 2 Empty Grief Challenge 2

It seems there are some hidden elements of this challenge, and some reading between the lines is required. For example:

  • Even if you don’t have it equipped in a weapon slot, the scythe that spawns during the boss fight technically counts as a solar weapon dealing solar damage. It will put an end to the challenge. Even if Eris yells at you, do not pick up the scythe.
  • Shooting a Scorn lantern could be one of several explanations, as it does Solar damage to opponents. Killing foes with different damage types, even if it does not come from your own weapon, appears to be enough to fail the challenge. So stay away from such potential sources of harm.
  • While a more specialized example, the Firefly perk also counts as Solar damage and will defeat the challenge. So leave Ace of Spades and Fatebringer at home because they aren’t kinetic enough for this challenge. Instead, attempt to follow the challenge’s phrasing as precisely as possible. That way, you can complete the challenge without any problems.


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