Destiny 2: All Season Of The Wish Seasonal Artifact Perks & Best Build

Season Of The Wish Seasonal Artifact perks
Image via Bungie

The new season of Destiny 2, Season of The Wish, has brought with it a new Seasonal Artifact, the Queensfoil Censer. This artifact offers a variety of perks that can be used to create powerful builds, and here’s a guide to help you get the most out of it.

All Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish Seasonal Artifact Perks

Row 1

  • Overcharged Auto-Rifle: Dealing sustained damage with Auto-Rifles allows you to stun Overcharged Champions.
  • Overcharged Pulse Rifle: Dealing sustained damage with Pulse-Rifles enables you to stun Overcharged Champions.
  • Piercing Sidearms: Grants Sidearms Piercing Rounds and the ability to Overcharge, allowing you to stun Barrier Champions effectively.
  • Unstoppable Bow: Holding an arrow at full draw converts it into overcharged arrows, which can stun Unstoppable Champions.
  • Unstoppable Hand-Cannon: Aiming with your equipped hand cannon charges it with potent rounds, enabling you to stun Unstoppable Champions effectively.

Row 2

  • Blast Radius: Achieving rapid takedowns with Rocket Launchers or Grenade Launchers grants Armor Charges, providing additional defensive capabilities.
  • Flame, Fiber, and Freeze: Combines the Solar, Strand, and Stasis Siphon Mods into one, offering versatile elemental damage options.
  • From whence you came: Increases the damage you cause to Scorn and Taken enemies, including Bosses, making it a valuable perk in encounters involving these factions.
  • Kindling Trigger: When your Radiant, Solar weapon applies scorch to targets, amplifying their vulnerability.
  • Origin Perk Specialization I: Boosts benefits from the Seasonal Origin Perks, such as Sundering, Nano-Munitions, Nanotech Tracer Rockets. It also overcharges those weapons when these Perks are active.

Row 3

Image via Bungie
  • Flint Striker: Landing precision hits with a solar weapon quickly grants the Radiant buff, and successive final blows with a solar weapon also grant Radiant.
  • Heart of the Flame: Casting your Solar Super causes your surrounding allies to become radiant, amplifying their damage. The damage inflicted by your Solar Super increases for each ally nearby.
  • Origin Perk Specialization II: Boosts benefits from the Seasonal Origin Perks, such as Noble Deeds, Unsated Hunger, Head Rush, and Dragon’s Vengeance, and overcharges those weapons when these Perks are active.
  • Torch: When you have the Radiant buff, you deal extra damage to enemies affected by Strand or Stasis debuffs. This damage bonus applies to Boss enemies as well.
  • Wished into being: While your Super is almost charged, ability final blows spawn Orbs of Power. This perk’s effect increases when wearing Seasonal Armor, reducing the threshold required for the perk to activate. It can stack up to 5 times.

Row 4

  • Dragon’s Bite: Breaking a combatant’s shield with a Stasis weapon has a chance to freeze it, while breaking it with a Strand weapon may Suspend it.
  • Overload Rocket Launchers: Grants Rocket Launchers Overload Rounds, making them highly effective against Overload champions.
  • Pillar of Ice: Defeating an Encased enemy spawns Stasis Crystals. Continuously applying Stasis over an opponent causes them to become Encased.
  • Revitalizing Blast: Causing damage with Solar abilities weakens Champions and Bosses, increasing the damage you inflict upon them while reducing the damage they cause.
  • Unravelling Orbs: Picking up Orbs of Power grants your strand weapons Unravelling Rounds, which trigger bursts of Strand damage and tracing strand projectiles upon hitting opponents multiple times.

Row 5

  • Argent Ordnance: Consuming an Armor Charge by firing a Rocket Launcher round grants increased damage, reload speed, and stow speed for the next shot with that weapon.
  • Hail the Storm: Shattering effects on Stasis-affected targets or Crystals deal increased damage. Enemies affected by Freeze or Encased take additional damage from shattering effects.
  • Horde Shuttle: Damaging Unravelled enemies has a chance to spawn a Threadling, which targets nearby foes. If no target is found, the Threadling detonates on the origin target.
  • Rays of Precision: Precision final blows from solar weapons, while affected by the Radiant Buff, cause targets to ignite.
  • Solo Operative: Grants a damage boost of 22% against all targets, including bosses, for solo players who are the sole member of their squad.

Crafting the Ultimate Solar Build

Artifact Perks

For guardians looking to harness the full potential of the Queensfoil Censer, the following Artifact Perks are recommended for a Solar Build:

  • Row 1: Piercing Sidearms, Unstoppable Hand-Cannon, and Overcharged Auto-Rifle.
  • Row 2: Kindling Trigger and From Whence You Came.
  • Row 3: Flint Striker, Torch, and Heart of The Flame.
  • Row 4: Revitalizing Blast and Overload Rocket Launchers.
  • Row 5: Rays of Precision and Argent Ordnance.


To complement the Solar build, consider the following weapons:

  • Auto Rifle: Look for one with the Demolitionist perk, such as Lodbrock C with Cascade Point and Demolitionist.
  • Hand Cannon: Zaouli’s Bane with Fluted Barrel, Tactical Mag, Explosive Payload, and Incandescent. Add a Major Spec Weapon Mod for extra punch.
  • Rocket Launcher: Ascendancy with Chain Reaction and Ambitious Assassin. Dragon’s Breath is an ideal exotic option if your slot allows it.
  • Sidearm: Opt for options like Boudica C with Pugilist and Swashbuckler for dealing with Barrier Champions.

For your Exotic slot, consider Solar weapons like Tarraba (Exotic SMG), Sunshot (Exotic Hand Cannon), or Polaris Lance to maximize the Rays of Precision perk.

The Queensfoil Censer is a powerful artifact that can be used to create a variety of powerful builds in Destiny 2 Season of The Wish. The build we have recommended is just one example, and there are many other viable options. Experiment with different perks and weapons to find what works best for you.