Diablo 4 Side Quest Walkthrough- Flesh and Blood & Lost Legacy

Diablo 4 Lost Legacy

Conquering the mysteries of Diablo 4 requires skilled adventurers, and this guide provides the knowledge you need to triumph in two challenging side quests: “Flesh and Blood” and “Lost Legacy.”

Diablo 4 Flesh and Blood Side Quest Walkthrough

The “Flesh and Blood” side quest commences with a chance encounter with Yonca at the Light’s Wane in the Fethis Wetlands. Yonca’s tragic story unfolds as players learn about her prolonged separation from her family. To assist her in reconnecting with her past, follow this step-by-step walkthrough:

  • Initiate the “Flesh and Blood” quest by speaking to Yonca at Light’s Wane in the Fethis Wetlands of Hawezar.
  • Discover Yonca kneeling beside her deceased horse. Inquire about her well-being, and she will reveal her ten-year separation from her family, activating the quest. Your next objective lies northwest of your location within the Light’s Wane, marked by a blue circle.
  • Lead Yonca to the farmhouse and engage in a conversation with her to search for clues about her family’s whereabouts.
  • Investigate the farmhouse by interacting with various clues. Find a Storage Chest with Windchime Sails near the door, a Weathered Box containing her father’s pipe in the north corner, Kirza’s Belongings to the west, and Kaan’s Note in the south corner.
  • Report your findings to Yonca, revealing the letter and Windchime Sails. Her father chose an unfortunate fate.
  • Proceed northeast from the farmhouse to the river near The Devouring Moor. Clear the area of enemies to ease your search for Kaan’s remains.
  • Interact with Kaan’s corpse and retrieve the Windchime Strikers he held.

  • Console the grieving Yonca and hand over the Windchime Strikers. She intends to create Windchimes as a memorial for her father.
  • Assist Yonca in fixing two windchimes while safeguarding her from waves of enemies.
  • Return to Yonca’s house, where you’ll meet her mother waiting at the door. Inquire about her survival in the swamp, discovering the protection granted by the infected. Completing this conversation concludes the quest.

Diablo 4 Lost Legacy Side Quest Walkthrough

The “Lost Legacy” side quest introduces players to Ksenia, the Zakarum Crusader, and her quest to cleanse the Ruins of Rakhat Keep from Mephisto’s presence. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this challenging quest:

  • Commence the “Lost Legacy” quest by traveling to the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. Locate Ksenia, the Zakarum Crusader, and engage in conversation. Follow her inside the fort.
  • Choose the “Let us purge this place of Mephisto’s presence” dialog option. Enter the Defiled Halls Dungeon and inspect Mathias’ remains for answers.
  • Be prepared for combat against Mathias after interacting with his remains. Defeat him to obtain Mathias’ Betrayal and unseal the door behind him. Interact with Ksenia before proceeding.
  • Obtain Eleazar’s Choice and Alodia’s Wrath by collecting their remains. Along the way, face minor enemies who pose minimal threats.
  • Investigate Eleazar’s remains and read the nearby handwritten note, revealing his tragic fate.
  • Engage in battle with Alodia, slightly stronger than Mathias, but obtain Alodia’s Wrath upon his defeat.

Diablo 4 Lost Legacy 1

  • Find Carthas Demise to discover the root of the curse. Place all three cursed blades in a circle next to Carthas’ remains.
  • Inform Ksenia that you are ready for the ritual to begin. Defend her during the ritual against multiple incoming enemies.
  • Challenge and defeat the corrupted Paladin Carthas and his allies. Speaking to Ksenia afterward marks the completion of the “Lost Legacy” quest.

Both of these side quests in Diablo 4 provide epic battles and rewards. With this guide, you can take on their multifaceted challenges and complete them smoothly. The walkthroughs outline all major steps needed to finish these two compelling questlines.