Genshin Impact 4.6: How Many Primogems Can You Earn?

Genshin Impact’s Version 4.6 is on the horizon, and leaks have revealed the estimated Primogem count, allowing you to plan your pulls strategically!

Genshin Impact 4.6: How Many Primogems Can You Earn?

Free-to-Play Primogems

By exploring the new region Remuria, conquering the Spiral Abyss, diligently completing daily commissions, and participating in major events, F2P players can expect earn around 11,715 Primogems, which translates to 73 Intertwined Fates.. Here’s a glimpse into the different sources of Primogems:

  • Remuria Exploration: 1890 Primogems
  • Limited-Time Events: 2260 Primogems
  • Daily Commissions: 2520 Primogems
  • Stardust Exchange: 1600 Primogems (earned from converting Stardust)
  • Character Demo: 80 Primogems
  • Spiral Abyss: 1800 Primogems (across multiple resets)
  • Achievements: 295 Primogems
  • Login Bonus: 80 Primogems
  • Version 4.7 Livestream: 300 Primogems
  • Version 4.6 Maintenance: 600 Primogems
  • Codes: 60 Primogems
  • Web Event: 200 Primogems
  • Twitch Drops: 30 Primogems
genshin impact 4.6 primogems

Primogems with Welkin Moon

Travelers who enjoy the benefits of the Blessing of the Welkin Moon (monthly top-up) can add a significant boost to their Primogem count. This translates to an additional 3,780 Primogems and 600 Genesis Crystals on top of the F2P Primogem count, reaching a total of 16,095 Primogems (roughly 100 wishes). With careful planning and a bit of luck, this should guarantee Welkin Moon players at least one 5-star character pull in Version 4.6.

Primogems with Battle Pass

For those who unlock the Battle Pass, you’ll gain an extra 680 Primogems and 4 Intertwined Fates, bringing your total to a whopping 17,415 Primogems or 108 wishes. This can significantly increase your chances of acquiring a coveted 5-star character on the upcoming banners.

Remember: This is an estimated Primogem count. The actual amount might vary slightly depending on additional events or surprise codes released during the update. Stay tuned for further updates as Genshin Impact Version 4.6 approaches!