Gravity Panda For Android: Save The Adorable Pandabolites!

Gravity Panda is the first game developed by OMDSource, a group of three young engineers in Computer Science. The game is currently available at the Google Play Store.

The Pandabolites Need Your Help!

The adorable Pandabolites live among the bamboo which they also feed upon. However, due to their short limbs and clumbsy habits, they have a bad habit of falling from the branches into the flooded area, where bamboo is grown.  The Pandabolitos are attracted to water, (thanks to gravity) but as the Pandabolitos are round and chubby, they are unable to swim and therefore drown.

Gravity Panda

The Objective

Save the tiny Pandabolites from this hostile place, which is also their humble abode. Every second you’re not playing, many helpless Pandabolitos are dying!

Will you be able to rescue more cute Pandabolitos than your friends?

To play the game, Tap on the Pandabolitos to help them float, hence preventing them from going into the water, but be careful! Don’t touch the bamboo, as the water level will increase and you will find it harder to keep them safe.

Share Your High Score

There is a Facebook page where you can submit your high scores (as screenshots). You can also upload your photo at:

OMDSource Twitter account: (@OMDSource).

Gravity Panda works with Android devices running version 2.3 or above.

Download Gravity Panda