Gun Strike is A Simple Yet Entertaining FPS Game For Android And iOS Devices

Gun Strike is a free first-person shooter for Android and iOS devices by Paladin Entertainment, which comes with down to earth graphics and offers a minimalist, yet entertaining gaming experience. It has more than 20 role modules with 30 different acts. What makes Gun Strike worth playing is the simplicity of the game and the fact that it does not require a high-end device. Even on low-end devices the game can be played without any lags or unwanted hangs, which makes it the perfect game to kill some spare time without worrying about excessive resource utilization by the game. No wonder the game has a 4.7 star rating at Google Play and a similar rating at iTunes.

Gun Strike

The Plot:

You are a battle-hardened mercenary who must fight enemies using a variety of weapons. The game offers 21 weapons, including an AK47, MP5, Grenades, etc. The game has 8 theme maps with 80 levels and dozens of enemy waypoints. The Survival mode and 2 extra mini games can train player’s to improve reaction time and to earn money. During the course of the game you can buy weapons to enhance your arsenal.

Gun Strike For Android

Game Play

The game has 3 modes, namely the Survival, Campaign and Mini Game mode.

  • Campaign Mode:To play the various levels in the Campaign mode, you must first complete a level to unlock the next one. You can play any of the unlocked levels at any point in time.
  • Survival Mode: This mode can only be unlocked after you have passed all Dust Levels in the Campaign Mode.
  • Mini Game:You can unlock this game mode by collecting starts from all levels.

Gun Strike For Android Game Play

Control Sensitivity

One of the factors which you might find annoying during the course of the game is the sensitivity level for weapons. This can however be adjusted from the Settings menu via the Control section.

Gun Strike Game Play

Weapon Options

The game offers the following weapons: Beretta ARX160, CheyTac M200, Barrett M82, Beretta M92F, M60, MP5, P90, Desert Eagle, Five-seven, Beretta M93R, AK47, M16A1, Benelli M4, AWP, M4A1, M249 SAW, COLT ANACONDA, Milkor MGL, HK G3SG and M134 Minigun.


Video Demo

To see the game in action, check out the developer’s video demo.

Gun Strike is available in various languages on Google Play including English, Japanese and Chinese. While it is a free game there is also a paid version for Xperia devices (Gun Strike Xperia Play) worth $0.99. Gun Strike is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or above and iOS version 4.3 or later, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

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