Honkai: Star Rail Adventurine Build Guide: Best Relics, Planar Ornaments, Light Cone & Team Comps

Ready to unleash Aventurine’s true power? This guide empowers you to forge him into an unstoppable force in Honkai Star Rail. Discover the best relics, light cones, and team compositions to maximize his defensive and offensive capabilities!

Best Honkai: Star Rail Aventurine Build

Light Cone

The ideal Light Cone depends on your playstyle and team composition. However, for ultimate synergy, Inherently Unjust Destiny (his signature 5-star Light Cone) reigns supreme. It bolsters both his defense and follow-up attack damage, creating a well-rounded warrior.

honkai star rail aventurine build
Image via HoYoverse

For F2P players, fret not! These stellar 4-star Light Cones offer fantastic alternatives:

  • Concert for Two (F2P 4-star Light Cone): A budget-friendly option offering a balanced boost in DEF and damage. This Light Cone synergizes well with shield-based strategies, making Aventurine a more effective defensive sub-DPS.
  • Destiny’s Threads Forewoven (F2P 4-star Light Cone): Prioritizes Aventurine’s survivability with increased Effect RES and scales damage based on his DEF. This Light Cone is ideal for maximizing his tanking potential while maintaining respectable damage output.

Relics and Planar Ornaments

For Relics, prioritize boosting Aventurine’s defense and follow-up attack damage. Consider these options:

  • Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters (4-Piece Set): Ideal for maximizing follow-up damage with increased CRIT Rate and DMG against debuffed enemies.
Image via HoYoverse
  • The Ashblazing Grand Duke (2-Piece Set): A solid choice for a 20% boost to follow-up attack damage.
  • Knight of Purity Palace (2-Piece Set): Enhances survivability with a 12% DEF increase.

For Planar Ornaments, seek options that enhance his overall damage during follow-up attacks by boosting his CRIT stats. Inert Salsotto is a prime example, but any ornament that complements his offensive prowess will do wonders.

Team Comps

Aventurine excels in both defense and sub-DPS roles. He shields allies with powerful DEF-based shields and dishes out decent follow-up damage. Here are two team compositions that leverage his strengths:

Team 1: The Defensive Powerhouse

  • Aventurine: Provides robust shielding and decent damage.
  • Dr. Ratio: Weakens enemies and empowers himself through ally debuffs.
  • Topaz: The main damage dealer, excelling in follow-up attacks.
  • Ruan Mei: Boosts overall team damage and resilience.

Team 2: Debuff, Buff, and Conquer

  • Aventurine: Offers defense, damage, and bolsters team Effect Resistance.
  • Dr. Ratio: Devastates enemies with powerful single-target attacks.
  • Yukong: Empowers allies with buffs.
  • Silver Wolf: Applies debuffs to weaken enemies.

By following this guide, you’ll transform Aventurine into a valuable asset for your Honkai Star Rail team. His defensive prowess and sub-DPS capabilities will make him a reliable protector and damage dealer in various battle scenarios.