Honkai Star Rail 2.3: Sam/Firefly Abilities, Talents, Eidolons, and More Revealed

The wait is almost over, and the arrival of Sam/Firefly in Honkai Star Rail version 2.3 is upon us. Leaks have revealed a treasure trove of details regarding his kit, and this guide will dissect everything you need to know about this fiery new character.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Sam/Firefly Abilities

Sam is a complex character who thrives in the heat of battle. His core mechanic revolves around transforming into the Molten Knight. This grants him several advantages:

  • Invisibility: Enemies won’t be able to target him, allowing for strategic repositioning or flanking maneuvers.
  • Impenetrable Defense: All incoming attacks are blocked, making him a temporary wall against enemy assaults.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Movement speed is significantly increased, allowing him to quickly traverse the battlefield.
  • Area of Effect Domination: While transformed, his normal attacks and Technique unleash powerful AoE (Area of Effect) attacks, similar in size to Kafka and Argenti’s.

honkai star rail firefly
Beyond his transformation, Sam boasts a versatile skillset that can adapt to various combat situations:

  • Basic Attack: Deals fire damage to a single target.
  • Enhanced Basic Attack: Smoldering Wasteland: Sam heals himself for a portion of his max HP while dealing fire damage to a single enemy.
  • Skill: Consumes a percentage of Sam’s health to deal significant fire damage to an enemy. If he doesn’t have enough HP, it dips him down to 1 HP for the attack. However, successful Weakness Breaking can regenerate some of his used energy.
  • Enhanced Skill: Devouring Conflagration: This version heals a portion of his HP, deals fire damage to a wider range (including adjacent targets), and offers further benefits if enemies are broken. Additionally, all damage dealt by this skill counts as ultimate damage.
  • Ultimate: Burning Starlight: Sam enters a state called Primary Combustion, purging all debuffs from himself and gaining a significant action speed boost. A cooldown kernel appears on his action bar, and when it activates, he exits the Primary Combustion state.

Talents and Traces

Sam’s talents solidify his role as a high-risk, high-reward damage dealer:

  • Primary Combustion: This state, triggered by his Ultimate, boosts his speed and damage based on his Break Effect (a combat mechanic). Additionally, his basic attack and skill automatically upgrade to their enhanced versions.
  • Scorched Barrier: Provides damage reduction based on his missing HP, with an additional boost during Primary Combustion.
  • Luminous Fireflies: When not in Primary Combustion, HP fluctuations regenerate Sam’s energy, allowing him to unleash his skills more frequently.

Sam’s Bonus Traces, additional character-specific effects, further solidify his role as a fiery powerhouse:

  • Crowd Control Resistance: Improves his ability to shrug off disabling effects.
  • Primary Combustion Boost: Increases his fire damage while in the Primary Combustion state.


  • Eidolon #1: This Eidolon adds a fire weakness and reduces enemy fire resistance when using the Devouring Conflagration skill.
  • Eidolon #2: Buffs received by Sam last for an extended duration.
  • Eidolon #4: Delays the cooldown kernel action while in Primary Combustion upon defeating an enemy (capped at a certain number of times per state).
  • Eidolon #6: Grants stacks of “Heavenly Fire” while in Primary Combustion, increasing ultimate damage (capped at a certain number of stacks). These stacks are removed upon exiting Primary Combustion.

Sam and Firefly promise to be a thrilling addition to your Honkai Star Rail roster. As the full release of 2.3 approaches, theorycrafting and team compositions will surely ignite within the Trailblazer community. So, prepare to witness the fiery inferno that Sam will unleash upon the Astral Express!