How to Fix “Sorry, you’re currently prevented from playing online multiplayer games” Error in Palworld

That pesky “Sorry, you’re currently prevented from playing online multiplayer games” error is plaguing many players, but fear not, fellow tamers! We’ve got the solutions you need to get back to adventuring together.

How to Fix “Sorry, you’re currently prevented from playing online multiplayer games” in Palworld

Here’s a toolbox of tactics to conquer the pesky error:

  • Restart Ritual: Sometimes, a simple “off and on” can work wonders. Completely quit Palworld and relaunch it. It might be all it takes to reestablish the connection.
  • Net Neutrality Check: Ensure your internet is stable by restarting your router or modem. A shaky connection can throw wrenches into your online plans.
  • Patch Party: Make sure you’re running the latest version of Palworld. Outdated clients can sometimes get locked out of multiplayer experiences. Check for updates and patch up to the newest build.
  • Server Status Snooping: Before diving back in, check the official Palworld server status pages. If servers are down for maintenance, the error might not be on your end. Patience, young Tamer, the servers will rise again!
  • Xbox Region Revamp (Xbox Players Only): If you’re on Xbox, this fix might hold the key. Navigate to Settings > System > Language & Location. Switch your region to a different one, then restart your console. This unorthodox method has helped some Xbox players bypass the error, though it’s not a guaranteed solution.
currently prevented from playing Palworld
Image via Pocket Pair

So, why does this error rear its ugly head? Like many Early Access games, Palworld is still undergoing refinement, and its online infrastructure is no exception. The studio behind this charming monster-taming adventure is working hard to iron out multiplayer kinks and ensure a smooth, social experience for all.

Remember, occasional hiccups are par for the course in Early Access. While frustrating, these bumps in the road pave the way for a more polished and connected Palworld in the future.

While you wait for the multiplayer gates to reopen, why not channel your inner rancher? Set up your own Palworld ranch to gather resources, breed adorable creatures, and create a thriving oasis in the wilderness. When the servers return, you’ll be ready to venture forth with a well-stocked backpack and a loyal Pal-powered posse!