Palworld: Can You Have Multiple Bases? Can You Change Your Name?

New to the wild world of Palworld? You’re not alone! Many questions arise when exploring this creature-catching, base-building adventure. Two burning questions often pop up: can you have multiple bases, and can you ditch that character name you picked in a moment of creative block?

Can You Have Multiple Bases in Palworld?

Fear not, aspiring Pal-trainers! You’re not stuck with just one base in Palworld. In fact, you can unlock a second base once your first base reaches level 10. No grinding required, just natural gameplay! Completing base upgrade missions (like crafting handy items) levels up your digs, granting you the sweet reward of a second Palbox. Place it down, establish your new territory, and voila – another base ready for crafting, befriending Pals, and conquering the wilderness.

Don’t worry if your first base isn’t perfectly placed. Palworld embraces wanderlust! You can easily move your base to a new location, allowing you to chase resources, escape pesky neighbors (we’re looking at you, Piggo!), or simply find a more inspiring vista for your growing Pal-empire.

Palworld multiple bases

Can You Change Your Name in Palworld?

Now, for the bad news. Unlike your ever-evolving Pal squad, you’re stuck with the name you picked during character creation. No second chances, no fresh starts. However, a glimmer of hope remains! The developers have acknowledged this limitation and promised a name-change feature “further down the line.” So, while you can’t rename yourself right now, there’s still a chance you’ll ditch that unfortunate nickname you chose in the heat of the moment.

With the ability to build and relocate bases, Palworld encourages exploration and adaptation. Even if you’re stuck with your name, the freedom to shape your world and befriend a menagerie of creatures keeps the adventure fresh and exciting. So, grab your Palbox, set up camp, and embrace the ever-changing landscape of Palworld! Just remember, choose your starting alias wisely!