How to Obtain the Condemnation Dagger and Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Condemnation

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will delve into the methods of obtaining two coveted items: the Condemnation dagger and the Aspect of Exposed Flesh.

Where to Find Condemnation in Diablo 4

The Condemnation dagger can be obtained by defeating World Bosses, completing Nightmare Dungeons, or opening chests during Helltide events. Nightmare Dungeons have proven to be the most reliable source of Unique items, offering not only valuable loot but also ample experience. Engaging in World Boss battles and participating in Helltide events can also yield rewarding results. These activities offer increased opportunities to secure unique items and improve your chances of obtaining Condemnation.

However, Unique items can potentially drop from various activities when playing on World Tier 3 or higher. This means that simply engaging in combat or looting containers always carries a small chance of obtaining a unique item. To increase your chances significantly, tackle challenging content on World Tier 4 difficulty.

By following these strategies and venturing into the most challenging realms of Diablo 4, you increase your odds of acquiring the highly sought-after Condemnation dagger.

How to Obtain the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4

The road to obtaining the Aspect of Exposed Flesh is a daunting one, and its drop rate is anything but friendly. The Aspect can only be obtained through sheer luck, making it one of the most sought-after and powerful Necromancer Aspects in the game.

Aspiring Necromancers must focus their efforts on rings, as this Aspect exclusively drops on these mystical jewelry pieces. By expending Murmuring Obols into rings or hunting down Helltide chests with a focus on rings, the chances of stumbling upon the Aspect are increased. However, be prepared for a relentless journey, as its rarity may demand substantial perseverance.

Once acquired the Aspect of Exposed Flesh, players have two options: either utilize the ring directly or extract the Aspect for later use. To extract the Aspect, players can visit The Occultist in any major hub and access the Extract Aspect tab. This process will consume the original ring but will yield an Aspect that can be imprinted onto another ring.

It’s important to note that Aspects in your inventory are one-time-use items. So, if you decide to imprint the Aspect of Exposed Flesh onto another ring, it will be consumed in the process. Be cautious when making this decision and ensure that you’re imprinting it onto a ring that best complements your build.

In conclusion, by following the strategies outlined in this guide, you are well-equipped to acquire the Condemnation dagger and the Aspect of Exposed Flesh in Diablo 4.