Level Up Your LEGO Fortnite Village: A Comprehensive Guide

LEGO Fortnite Village level
Image via Epic Games

Have you ever dreamt of building a bustling village in LEGO Fortnite? Well, your dreams can become reality! This guide will lead you through the process of upgrading your Village Center, unlocking new features and maximizing the potential of your village.

Understanding Village Levels in LEGO Fortnite

Each LEGO Fortnite village begins its journey at level 1, accommodating only one villager. As you progress, you can upgrade the Village Center, allowing for more residents and unlocking exciting features. To view the upgrade requirements and benefits, simply visit the Village Center and navigate to the “Upgrade Village” tab.

How to Level Up Your Village

The key to unlocking upgrades lies in increasing your village rating. This rating rises as you build structures within the designated build zone, highlighted by a noticeable square around the Village Center. Every built structure contributes to the rating, so unleash your creativity and build a functional and aesthetically pleasing village to expedite your progress.

Let’s explore the specific benefits associated with each village level:

  • Level 1:
    • Friendly Visitors: This level opens your doors to friendly explorers who may choose to stay and become villagers, provided you have spare beds.
    • Growing Village: You can welcome one visitor as a permanent resident, given available bed space.
  • Level 2:
    • Foragers for Hire: Villagers can be assigned to gather resources or refine wood and stone, requiring the appropriate stations.
  • Level 3:
    • For Me?: Get ready for surprise gifts from your grateful villagers!
    • Growing Village: A third visitor can become a valued member of your village.
  • Level 4:
    • Get Cooking: Villagers can be assigned to cook, extract seeds, or tend crops, requiring the appropriate stations.
    • Branching Out: Woodcutters expand their repertoire, providing additional wood types.
  • Level 5:
    • Must-See Destination: Rarer explorers are drawn to your thriving village.
    • Well Rested: Villagers receive a health and defense bonus, enhancing their survival chances.
    • Growing Village: A fourth visitor awaits a warm welcome.
  • Level 6:
    • Refined Production: Villagers develop new skills, refining metal, textiles, and even collecting precious gems. Invest in the necessary stations to unlock these capabilities.
    • Ready to Rock: Stonecutters diversify their craft, providing additional stone types.
  • Level 7:
    • Gifts Galore: Villagers shower you with unique and valuable recipes.
  • Level 8:
    • Growing Village: Expand your village by welcoming another resident, provided you have a spare bed.
  • Level 9:
    • Go Forth and Forage: Villagers venture out to gather resources from diverse biomes. Stonecutters and woodcutters continue to expand their offerings.
  • Level 10:
    • Growing Village: Welcome your final visitor and complete your village community.

By diligently upgrading your Village Center, you’ll build a vibrant community that not only adds charm to your LEGO Fortnite world but also provides valuable resources and enhances your gameplay. So, grab your building tools and embark on the journey of creating a flourishing village!