Modern Warfare 3 Guide: How to Fix DirectX Unrecoverable Error

Modern Warfare 3 DirectX Unrecoverable Error
Images via Activision

Stop letting the DirectX Unrecoverable Error ruin your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 experience. Here’s how to fix it.

Modern Warfare 3 Guide: How to Fix DirectX Unrecoverable Error

The DirectX Unrecoverable error is often attributed to local problems stemming from user-side software or hardware issues. To address this, players must conduct a thorough check to ensure their system is functioning optimally, including verifying multiple drivers crucial for running games and applications on a PC.

It’s essential to note that while some instances of this error may be attributed to inherent problems with MW3, developers typically address such issues through updates and community communications on blogs or social media platforms.

General Solutions:

  • Restart Your PC: A simple but effective step. Restarting your system can often resolve temporary issues.
  • Check GPU Seating and Cables: Ensure your GPU is properly seated, and all cables are securely connected.
  • Update OS and GPU Drivers: Keep your operating system and graphic card drivers up to date for optimal performance.

Specific Solutions:

  • Verify Game Files: Use the game platform’s verification tool to ensure all game files are intact and not corrupted.
  • Address Compatibility Issues: Close background programs, especially overlays from Discord, Steam, or Origin. Disable FPS counters and other conflicting applications before launching MW3.
  • Optimize Graphics Settings for Laptops: If using a gaming laptop with integrated and dedicated GPUs, navigate to system settings, open display, select MW3, and set it to High Performance.
  • Reset In-Game Settings: Access the ‘Call of Duty’ directory in the Documents folder, locate the ‘Players’ folder, and either rename or delete it. The game will recreate the folder with default settings.
  • Disable Intel’s XMP: In the system’s BIOS, disable XMP settings, as they may be contributing to DirectX issues in MW3.

By following these comprehensive steps, you increase the likelihood of resolving the DirectX Unrecoverable Error and returning to the immersive world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 without hindrance. Happy gaming!