Nintendo Switch 2: Rumors Swirl About Release Date, Specs, Price & More

After the phenomenal success of the Switch, gamers are eagerly awaiting news on Nintendo’s next console. While there’s been no official announcement, rumors and leaks have painted a somewhat cloudy picture. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far:

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

Pinpointing the exact release date for the Switch 2 remains a guessing game. However, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa offered a glimmer of hope in a recent X post (formerly Twitter). He confirmed that Nintendo will officially announce the new console by the end of their current fiscal year, closing in March 2025. This suggests a potential release sometime before next April.

What’s Under the Hood?

While details remain under wraps, leaks have surfaced online hinting at the potential muscle of the Switch 2. A post on the popular Nintendo forum Famiboards, by user LiC, claims to have uncovered information from shipment and customs data. Their findings suggest the Switch 2 might have 12GB of RAM with two 6GB LPDDR5X modules. This RAM could offer a 7,500MT/s transfer speed. Additionally, the leak points towards 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

Bigger and Better Joy-Cons

Mobapad, a prominent Nintendo Switch accessory manufacturer, also claims to have inside information from Nintendo itself. According to their blog post, the Switch 2 will feature larger Joy-Cons that magnetically attach to the console’s sides. These new controllers might also come with an additional button on the top edge and a new “function button” on the right Joy-Con.

The good news for existing Switch owners is that the console might still be compatible with your current Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. However, there’s a possibility that original Joy-Con support might rely solely on Bluetooth if the new controllers use a different attachment method.

Familiar Dock Gets a 4K Boost

The Switch 2 docking station is expected to maintain its core functionality but with an improved design. Leaks suggest it will include a metal damping bracket for smoother angle adjustments and might boast a slightly different look overall. Most importantly, the dock is rumored to support 4K resolution, offering a significant visual upgrade for your docked gaming experience.

Backward Compatibility

Another burning question for fans is backward compatibility. Thankfully, Nintendo has a history of favoring backward compatibility. The Wii, Nintendo DS, and Wii U all supported games from prior generations. This bodes well for the Switch 2, with a high possibility of playing existing Switch titles.

Furthermore, Nintendo confirmed account migration for the Switch 2, allowing players to seamlessly transfer profiles and past purchases. Backward compatibility would be a logical step, letting gamers access their existing libraries and discover titles they might have missed.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date

Price Bump on the Horizon?

The original Switch launched at $299 in 2016. Since then, Nintendo introduced the budget-friendly Switch Lite for $199 and the upgraded Switch OLED for $350. While the sweet spot might remain within this range, rumors suggest the Switch 2 could be Nintendo’s priciest console yet. Additionally, game prices might take a leap from $60 to $70, as seen with the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

As Nintendo keeps its cards close to its chest, this is all we can glean for now. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and update this article with any new information that surfaces.