Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Shards: Where to Find & How to Use Them

Scarlet Violet Tera Shards
Image via The Pokémon Company

If you’re looking to harness the power of Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, here’s a comprehensive guide to obtaining and using them effectively.

How to Get Tera Shards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Through Raids

The most reliable way to get Tera Shards is to participate in Raids. These are special battles where you and up to three other players team up to take on a powerful Terastallized Pokemon. When you defeat the Terastallized Pokemon, it will always drop a few Tera Shards of its Tera Type.

Found in the Wild

Tera Shards can also be found in the wild. They are often hidden in sparkling spots, so be sure to keep an eye out as you explore. However, Tera Shards are much rarer than they are in Raids, so you’re not likely to find too many this way.

How to Use Them

To utilize Tera Shards, players must first progress through the game’s narrative, specifically defeating Larry, the Normal-type Gym Leader in Medali. Medali is situated north of the Paldean crater, home to Area Zero and its Paradox Pokémon.

Once Larry is defeated, players can access the Treasure Eatery, located in Medali. The cook within the restaurant can transform Tera Shards into a special meal that alters the Tera Type of a chosen Pokémon.

To prepare this meal, players will require 50 Tera Shards of the desired type. This means diligently participating in Raids and thoroughly exploring Paldea to amass enough Shards for your desired Tera Type transformation.

Tera Shards can be a very useful tool in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With a little effort, you can collect enough Tera Shards to change the Tera Type of all of your Pokemon, giving you a major advantage in competitive battles.