Remnant 2 Secret Items Guide – How to get and use Nightweaver Stone Doll & Navigator’s Helm

Navigator's Helm remnant 2

Curious about the Nightweaver Stone Doll and Navigator’s Helm in Remnant 2? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to obtain and utilize these mysterious artifacts.

How to get and use the Navigator’s Helm in Remnant 2

Finding the Navigator’s Helm

To acquire the Navigator’s Helm, you must venture into the treacherous region of N’Erud. While exploring this area, you might come across a peculiar N’Erud zombie wearing the Navigator’s Helm. Defeat this zombie to obtain the headgear, which you can equip immediately. However, you may wonder about its purpose, as its initial statistics do not appear remarkable.

Utilizing the Navigator’s Helm

To harness the true power of the Navigator’s Helm, you must locate a colossal ship that has crash-landed in N’Erud. Keep your eyes peeled for this unmistakable sight, situated near one of the major towers and close to a Worldstone. Once you discover the crashed ship, look for a hidden entrance, which may require some crouching or exploration.

Navigator's Helm remnant 2

Inside the ship, you’ll come across a scanner eye. Having the Navigator’s Helm equipped will grant you access to the ship’s cockpit by activating the scanner eye. The cockpit conceals valuable treasures, including a potent long gun known as the Plasma Cutter and a special ring.

How to get and use the Nightweaver Stone Doll in Remnant 2

Acquiring the Nightweaver Stone Doll

To acquire the Nightweaver Stone Doll, you must first fulfill some prerequisites. Seek out three Stone-Carved Dolls scattered across the Asylum. Once collected, return them to the lady in the cell within the basement. Use the Prison Cell Key, found on the third floor of the Asylum, to unlock the cell. Inside, you’ll find the Nightweaver Stone Doll resting on the floor, waiting to be utilized.

Discovering the Alternate Dimension

To unlock the power of the Nightweaver Stone Doll, you need to reach a specific point in the game’s story. Gain access to the other dimension by using a Soulkey Tribute on the blue crystal located within the basement of the Asylum. If you haven’t reached this point yet, head to the bright door on the third floor of the Asylum to begin your journey. Once the tribute is used on the crystal, a portal will open to a realm resembling the Asylum.

The Dreamcatcher Awaits

Within the alternate dimension, you’ll come across a prison cell shrouded in intricate webbing. This cell holds various rewards, but the most sought-after one is the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. To claim this powerful weapon, use the Nightweaver Stone Doll on the webbing. Its unique properties will interact with the webbing, allowing you to grasp the Dreamcatcher and make it your own.

Now that you know the secrets of the Nightweaver Stone Doll and the Navigator’s Helm, make sure to use these items wisely to gain an advantage against the formidable challenges that await you in Remnant 2. Good luck on your journey!