Starfield Console Commands and Quest IDs Guide – How to Find & Use them

Starfield quest ids
Images via Bethesda Softworks

In this guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Quest IDs in Starfield and how to use them effectively.

How to Use Quest IDs in Starfield

Understanding how to manipulate quest progress using Quest IDs is essential for those who want to customize their Starfield experience. The primary tool for this is the console, which can be accessed by pressing the Tilde Key (~) on your keyboard. This key is typically located between the Tab and ESC keys.

When you open the console, you will receive a warning that using console commands or cheats will disable your achievements. Keep in mind that cheating, even when it’s allowed, comes with consequences. You can have fun but won’t gain any statistical advantage over players who play the game without cheats.

Let’s take a look at a basic console command to demonstrate how Quest IDs work:

CompleteQuest [Quest ID]

Executing this command will instantly mark the currently referenced quest as complete.

How to Find Quest IDs in Starfield

Before you can modify the progress of a particular quest, you must first identify the numerical Quest ID associated with it. Here’s how you can find Quest IDs in Starfield:

  • Open the Console: To open the Starfield command console on your PC, press the Tilde (~) or Grave (`) key while in-game or when using the menu system.
  • Use the Help Command: To find the Quest ID for the quest you want to investigate or edit, use the help console command. Type “help” into the console followed by a single word related to the quest. This command will look up all associated items that include that phrase. Look for entries marked as “QUST,” which denote a Quest. You can limit results to show Quest entries only using the command:
    • help (QUERY) 4 QUST

  • Naming Conventions: Many quests follow specific naming conventions that can help narrow down your search. For example:
    • Main quests begin with “MQ.”
    • Companion quests use “COM_Quest.”
    • UC Vanguard quests are labeled “UC.”
    • Freestar Collective quests are marked “FC,” and so on.
  • Current Quests: If you are currently on a quest and need to identify it, type “sqt” in the console. This will display all quest targets for the quests you are currently pursuing. Write down the quest name next to “Current Quest,” and then search for it using the help (name) 4 QUST command to find the Quest ID.

Starfield Quest Progress Console Commands

Once you have obtained the Quest ID, you can use various console commands to check, reset, and advance your quest progress. Here are some essential commands:

  • SQS (QUEST ID) or ShowQuestStages: Lists all possible numerical progression values/stages of a quest and indicates whether the quest is currently active for you or not. This command displays flags as either “(not set)” or “(done).”
  • GetStage (QUEST ID) (1-???): Tells you which stage of the quest you are currently on, or if it is currently inactive. You can use this command to check your progress.
  • SetStage (QUEST ID) (1-???): Allows you to change the progression value/stage of your quest. The number “1” typically represents the beginning, but you may need to check specific quest stages using other commands.
  • SQO (Quest ID): Shows all objectives for a quest and their associated numerical stages, even those you haven’t completed yet. This command provides a detailed overview of quest objectives.
  • ResetQuest (QUEST ID): Completely resets a quest, but it may mark the quest as stopped and not available to resume using console commands.
  • StartQuest (Quest ID): Begins the quest immediately.
  • SQV (QUEST ID) or ShowQuestVars (QUEST ID): Displays all relevant variables and their flags for the quest, including the quest’s current state, whether it is enabled, running, or stopped, current stage, and priority.
  • CompleteQuest (QUEST ID): Marks the relevant quest as completed.
  • CompleteAllObjectives: Completes all quest objectives.
  • GetQuestRunning (QUEST ID): Indicates whether the quest is currently running (1) or not (0).
  • GetQuestStarting (QUEST ID): Tells you if the quest is starting or not.

With this guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to manipulate quest progress in Starfield using Quest IDs and console commands. Remember that while cheats can enhance your gaming experience, they may also affect your achievements and the overall balance of the game. Use them wisely and enjoy exploring the vast universe of Starfield in your own unique way.