Unlocking Abilities Made Easy: Efficient AP Farming in Final Fantasy 16

AP Farming Final Fantasy 16

While Final Fantasy 16 may be different thematically from its predecessors, the importance of AP remains. In this article, we will explore two distinct approaches to AP farming in Final Fantasy 16, allowing you to maximize your AP acquisition and enhance your gameplay experience.

Efficient AP Farming in Final Fantasy 16

Method 1: Hunting Bluebirds for Abundant AP

One of the most lucrative methods of AP farming in Final Fantasy 16 is hunting Bluebirds. These avian creatures yield a substantial 40 Ability Points per kill, making them an attractive target for efficient AP accumulation. Compared to weaker enemies like Wild Chocobos and Vultures, which offer 8AP and 4AP respectively, Bluebirds provide an exceptional AP yield.

To further boost your AP farming efficiency, equip the Wages of Warcraft accessory, which increases the AP earned from normal combat encounters by 20%. By following these steps, you can swiftly farm AP by hunting Bluebirds:

  • Purchase the Wages of Warcraft accessory from Charon’s Toll after Chapter 23, Cid the Outlaw.
  • Activate Story Focused Mode to expedite each encounter.
  • Equip the Wages of Warcraft accessory.
  • Fast travel to the Royal Meadows Obelisk.
  • Journey from the Royal Meadows Obelisk to Northreach, locating and defeating the three Bluebirds along with their accompanying Wild Chocobos.
  • Fast travel back to the Royal Meadows Obelisk.
  • Repeat the previous two steps as the Bluebirds and other enemies will respawn, allowing you to continuously farm AP.

While alternative locations, such as Sorrowise near the Martha’s Rest Obelisk, offer opportunities to farm AP by killing Bluebirds, the distance and travel time make the grinding process considerably slower.

Method 2: Side Quests for AP and Progression

While Final Fantasy 16 does not readily reward players with significant AP during the early game, completing side quests presents an excellent opportunity to earn AP, experience points (XP), Gil, and upgrade materials.

To optimize AP acquisition through side quests, progress in the main story until you reach the quest “The Dead of Night.” Upon completing this main story quest, you will gain the powers of Eikon-Garuda, enabling you to farm AP effectively. Follow these steps to efficiently farm AP through side quests:

  • Complete the “The Dead of Night” main story quest.
  • Unlock a fast travel point accompanied by soldiers and a wyvern patrolling the area.
  • Defeat the enemies patrolling the vicinity of the fast travel point.
  • Quickly travel to Cid’s hideaway.
  • Utilize fast travel to return to the location and eliminate the enemies once again.
  • Travel back to the hideaway to repeat the process, accumulating a substantial amount of AP.

It is worth noting that while AP farming can expedite your access to powerful Eikonic abilities, it is not a necessary endeavor. The main story progression provides sufficient AP to unlock every single Eikonic ability over time.

By utilizing the AP farming methods outlined in this article, players can maximize their AP acquisition and enhance their gameplay experience. Whether you opt to hunt Bluebirds for their high AP yield or focus on completing side quests, these strategies will help you progress swiftly and develop formidable characters in the world of Final Fantasy 16.