Where to Find Blood Burner Motorcycle in Modern Warfare Zombies – Locations & Tips


Blood Burner Modern Warfare Zombies

The Blood Burner is a powerful and unique vehicle in Modern Warfare Zombies. It has unlimited fuel, can traverse water, is nearly indestructible, and even has kick-ass voice lines. However, it can be difficult to find, as it only spawns in specific locations.

Blood Burner Motorcycle Spawn Locations in Modern Warfare Zombies

The Blood Burner can spawn at various locations across the MWZ map, but there are five primary coordinates where you’re most likely to encounter this formidable vehicle. Keep in mind that while it can spawn randomly, only one motorcycle is available at a time. The following coordinates represent key spawn points:

  • Zaravan City (E6) – Medium Threat
  • Suburbs (E6) – Medium Threat
  • Levin Resort (D3) – Medium Threat
  • Old Town (G3) – High Threat
  • Old Town (E4) – High Threat

Given the limited spawn and the race against fellow Operators, act swiftly upon deploying into Urzikstan. Utilize fast vehicles like an ATV to navigate the map efficiently. While the listed coordinates are confirmed spawn points, the CoD community may discover additional spawning locations.

Strategies for Success

  • Proximity Matters: The Blood Burner won’t appear on the tac-map unless you’re within a 500-meter radius of it. Stick to the spawn coordinates, and the motorcycle will appear on your mini-map once you’re close enough. If you fail to see the motorcycle icon, continue exploring the medium and high threat zones.
  • Awareness of Other Operators: Check the tac-map to locate other Operators. It’s highly likely that they are also searching for the Blood Burner. Be mindful of their movements and whether they are exploring the same Points of Interest (POIs) as you. Keep an eye out for fellow bikers.
  • Plan Your Loadout: Whether you decide to go on foot or use the Blood Burner, ensure you have a reliable weapon. Consider Pack-a-Punching your firearm or utilizing Aether Tears for added firepower. If you opt for the motorcycle, plan your route with gas stations in close proximity or within the Blood Burner spawn coordinates.

With its unlimited fuel, water traversal capabilities, and indestructible frame, the Blood Burner is one of the most powerful vehicles in Modern Warfare Zombies. Use these tips to find and use this motorcycle to your advantage.