Why Has Rebirth Island Disappered From Warzone

Several community members switched to the smaller map for a faster pace and fewer hackers, but with RICOCHET now active around the world, players were expecting a lot of action to take place with their return.

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island Disappeared

Rebirth made its long-awaited return when Raven Software added the Rebirth Resurgence Trios mode as part of the December 16 playlist update, but it was quickly removed, much to the chagrin of players who wanted to get back into action.

When Is Rebirth Island Returning?

Raven Software has yet to announce an exact date for Rebirth Island’s second return to Warzone Pacific.

Call of Duty: Warzone wiki :

  • Infinity Ward
  • Raven Software
SeriesCall of Duty
EngineIW 8.0
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S
ReleaseMicrosoft WindowsPlayStation 4, & Xbox One
March 10, 2020
PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S
Genre(s)Battle royale, first-person shooter

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