How To Make Money Teaching People From Your Computer

Teaching skills has never been easier in this tech-oriented age. Whether you want to teach students or have expertise in a skill that you want to pass down to others, offering your services online is the way to move forward. Teaching skills online gives you the liberty to have the freedom to work from anywhere, the ability to set up your work hours, and receive financial gain. Let’s explore the top ways you can follow to teach people to utilize the power of the internet and make money from anywhere they want.

Video-Sharing Platforms

Most of us spend time watching videos on online video-sharing platforms. Creating videos that teach people skills you have expertise in can make you money. Individuals teaching a specific subject mostly create courses that are divided into several videos, making it easier for the interacting user to learn as they proceed. You have the liberty to teach skills, provide expert advice, or share tutorials on these platforms to gain a loyal following, which will help you make cash. 

Videos shared on these platforms can be monetized to earn money from views and the ads that run while playing your video. Cooking, music lessons, gardening, tech reviews, and anything you can educate people on has the potential to gain a following on these video-sharing platforms. Therefore, devise a strategy while considering your options and use these platforms to set up a stream of steady income. 

Writing ebooks

Writing about the skills and sharing your learning experience will benefit others, earn you money, and build up your digital footprint. However, it takes more than just explaining stuff for an ebook to have an impact. You have to work at a steady pace and gather like-minded audiences through social media platforms, create polls, and discuss popular topics to get an idea of how your audience wants the content to be presented. Furthermore, analyze ebooks that are written on the same topics and evaluate their sales figures. All this information can then be used to make a book writing strategy that will be able to take it all in. 

Teaching Music

People following a music-oriented career path can offer online music lessons through social media, video-sharing platforms, and other apps. It is a great side hustle to consider. There are dedicated websites that allow individuals to offer online music lessons and help them reach a relevant audience without much effort. You can even create your own music education website if you have adequate technical knowledge. In-person classes can also be offered to students, which ensures the best results. 

Online Academy

You can sell your skills by creating online courses and offering them through online learning platforms or by creating your own stand-alone platform. A variety of online learning platforms are available that cater to specific niches. To make your content stand out, review different platform types and then create an online course so that you get the right audience exposure and the maximum benefits in return. There are high chances of finding a lot of courses similar to the ones you’re offering. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of the content you are offering, and work on building a strong social media presence to help your online course reach the right audience. 

Start Blogging

If you prefer writing more than making videos or using online course-sharing platforms, consider making a blog relevant to your skills. Blogging is a powerful way to express yourself and connect with like-minded people. Starting a blog requires determination, consistent effort, and persistence as it takes at least 6 months for a blog to be recognized by search engine algorithms responsible for ranking websites. Bloggers can easily make a fair amount of passive income through affiliate marketing. There are tons of blogging platforms and websites that you can use to target your audience. Still, it is best to evaluate each option and go for the one that suits your requirements. 


Podcasting is the perfect way to talk about the skills you know, share your thoughts, give expert advice, and build a loyal audience in a particular field. All you have to do is find a reliable podcasting host and get a quality microphone to record with. If you already have a strong social media presence and adequate followers, almost every digital platform can be used to stream your podcasts with ease. Individuals who want to start podcasting should first learn the fundamentals or take a refresher online course on podcasting to achieve the best results. 

Benefits of Online Learning

Now that we have discussed ways you can use to earn money, let’s read on to find out the benefits of teaching online skills. 

  • You have greater flexibility regarding work hours and everything can be scheduled according to the time you are available. 
  • Online teaching not only gives the course creator the freedom to deliver content as they see fit, but also provides the audience plenty of time to review, practice, and learn at their own pace, resulting in better outcomes in terms of learning. Most online courses can also use several means, like offering readable content, videos, podcasts, and practice assignments, to make sure you follow and retain information without much effort. 
  • The environment in which you choose to learn matters. For example, a noisy classroom can distract students and drastically decrease their learning outcomes. With online learning, anyone can create a personalized learning environment that suits their needs. To create such an environment, pick a quiet place, get rid of distractions, especially the smartphone, and work your way into learning new skills. 
  • Through online learning, you can get easy access to your tutor, discuss any issues that arise in the learning process, and get personalized feedback that helps in improving the learning phase.
  • Through online learning, new skills are taught and educational goals can be achieved. Besides learning the skill, you will naturally develop remote working skills that allow you to effectively communicate with employees remotely.

Online teaching has become the norm, especially amid the ongoing COVID pandemic. As technology is evolving, new and interactive ways to teach skills online are becoming popular by the day. Whether you are looking for flexibility while teaching skills or are aiming to learn in a personalized environment, online teaching is the way to move forward.