Easily Mount Disc Images In Ubuntu Linux With Mounty

Mounting a virtual disc image  by using a virtual drive can help explore the content of the disc image, without having to burn it (e.g. ISO file) to a CD or DVD disc. This way, one can avoid wasting optical discs and also prolong the life of the optical drive, as running CDs or DVDs excessively can reduce the life of an optical (CD/DVD) drive. For those of you who may not be unaware of what is disc mounting, it is the process of adding a CD/DVD image to a virtual CD/DVD ROM to view its data. Mounty is an easy to use virtual disc image mounting application for Ubuntu Linux, that enables mounting and dismounting disc images easily via the app-indicator menu.

You can install Mounty by entering the following commands in a Terminal window.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kokoto-java/omgubuntu-stuff
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mounty

After installation, launch Mounty to add virtual disc images from the app-indicator menu. To mount (add) a disc image (such as an ISO file), click Open Disk Image option and select the disc image file.

Open Disk Image

This will mount the disc image, which can be viewed by clicking its name from the app-indicator menu. You can un-mount disc images by clicking the Eject option. Furthermore, you can also remember mounted images to auto-mount them, enable/disable the app-indicator and automatically load Mounty with system startup.


When a disc image is selected, a NotfyOSD bubble message informs that the image as been mounted.

When you click on the disc image name from the app-indicator menu, the content of the disc image is displayed. You can also mount and view virtual disc image content by using the file manager (using Mounty).


You can find out more about Mounty, including information about available download sources from the Launchpad link given below.

Download Mounty