Remove Unity Logon Screen Dots, Install XScreenSaver, CCSM, Faenza Icons, Gnome Tweak Tool & More [Script]

Ubuntu 11.10 users who are using the Gnome 3 shell require installing some essential applications to enhance Oneiric functionality. These include CompizConfig Settings Manager, Gnome Tweak Tool and XScreenSaver. Recently, a third-party developer has created an all in one script, known as The Theme Script. This script provides installation of CCSM, the Faenza icons, London Smoke gnome-shell, Gnome Tweak Tool, XScreenSaver, Plastiq RC2 GTK3 theme, as well as a script that enables using videos as a wallpaper. Moreover, The Theme Script also removes the white dots from the Unity Logon Screen.

To get started, Download the theme-script-11.10.tar.gz file and extract the script into the Downloads folder.

Extract Here

To make the script file “executable”, enter this command in a Terminal window.

chmod +x Downloads/theme-script-11.10

Once done, run The Theme Script with this command:

sudo ./Downloads/theme-script-11.10

This will initiate the installation of all components. Each time a new application or a script is to be installed, you will be asked to provide your consent to proceed further with the installation process.


 Step 1

The CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM), along with extra effects plugin will be installed.

Compiz config manager

Step 2

The Tiheum PPA will be added  and Faenza icons will be installed.

Faenza Icons Theme

Step 3

In the third step, the XScreensaver will be installed and the default blank screen GNOME screensaver will be removed. Once installation is complete, the script will start XScreensaver and you will be asked to stop the GNOME screensaver inorder to start XScreensaver. To proceed, click twice on the OK button. To continue installation of The Themes Script, close XScreensaver.

You can create an auto start rule for XScreensaver by pressing the Super Key and typing: startup applications and entering a name for the rule, followed by copy+paste of the following line in the command field:

xscreensaver -nosplash

Step 4

The Plastiq RC2 GTK3 Theme will be installed.


Step 5

London Smoke GNOME-shell will be installed.


 Step 6

GNOME Tweak Tool will be installed.

Gnome Tweak Tool

Step 7

A script to use videos as a wallpaper will be installed. To use this, script right-click on your desktop and select Scripts -> video-wallpaperscript. Click Yes and browse to the location of the video file you want to use as wallpaper, select the desired file and click OK. The below screenshot demonstrates a wallpaper video that I was able to display on my desktop with this script.

Step 8

Finally, the Scott Severance PPA will be installed and unity logon screen without the white dots will be acquired.

You can report bugs and issues to the developer from the link given below.

Download The Theme Script