AppsBar Displays Recently Closed Mac Apps Above The Menu Bar

If you are looking for a Mac OS X application launcher for quickly accessing recently closed apps, then try AppsBar.  Unlike the common apps that can be launched from the Menu Bar or Dock, AppsBar positions itself on top of the screen and lets your desktop slide down to reveal recently closed apps. Closed apps are automatically added to the bar and can be launched with ease.

AppsBar for Mac OS X

This app adds an icon to the Menu Bar, which reveals the application launcher. At first run, you are also provided with instructions regarding the location of the bar. To try out the functionality of this bar, simply quite an app and launch it from the AppsBar. You will also notice that you can scroll through apps on the bar (left or right) to quickly select the application that you wish to launch.

First Run Instructions

With AppsBar you can enjoy an uncluttered interface. Although the app does not appear on hover, however, clicking an icon isn’t all that time consuming, considering that you can easily keep your desktop uncluttered and access apps that have been recently closed (or frequently accessed for that matter) from an application launcher that stays hidden until needed. If for some reason you do not wish to use the AppsBar frequently, you can also disable the app to start when you login to your computer.

Disable Auto Run

Unfortunately, AppsBar is not a free app, however it is almost as good as free for just $0.99. This application requires Mac OS X devices running version 10.7 or above, with 64-bit processors.

Download AppsBar