Convert iTunes Tracks To Multiple Formats In Mac With Quick Convert

Quick Convert for Mac OS X can convert all or just the selected iTunes tracks using your choice of available iTunes encoders, restoring your Preferences-set encoder afterwards. It also works with importing selected CD tracks and additionally you can:

  • Choose to delete or Trash the original tracks and files
  • Copy all converted or imported tracks to a new playlist
  • Optionally save AAC encoded tracks as M4B “bookmarkable” and re-add your converted files to the Books library

First of all, make sure that iTunes is not running in background, then head over to <user>/Library/iTunes folder and create folder by name Script in iTunes folder. Copy Quick Convert download package content to this Scripts folder.

Now eject the Quick Convert disk image and launch iTunes. A small icon will appear next to Windows menu on the system menu bar. Click this icon to open Quick Convert.

Select tracks to convert, send to playlist, and then choose the encoder from Quick Convert applet. It will provide you with options to delete original selected tracks after conversion (for avoiding duplicates). For sending tracks to playlist, enable Copy new tracks to playlist feature, enter the playlist name, and click OK to start conversion.


Note: Unfortunately, Quick Convert can’t set audio bitrate and sample rate. You will have to manually set them from Preferences –> General –> Import Settings (window). Quick Convert works with

  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7

Download Quick Convert