Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Update Facebook And Send Tweets In Mac With Eggy

While many Mac users might like the Mac Mountain Lion sharing services in the notification center, however, there is still a faster method for sending Tweets or to write a Facebook message. Eggy is a free Mac OS X app which makes it possible to set global shortcut keys for sending messages, posting a Tweet and sending a Facebook message. Using Eggy you can send a message using hotkeys like CMD-SHIFT-D to instantly deliver your message.

The main interface of Eggy consists of a single window which allows users to set keyboard shortcuts for posting to Facebook, Twitter or to send a message. Eggy automatically prevents the user from setting duplicate hotkeys which might conflict with another function in Mac. This makes it possible to set a preferred keyboard combination without the possibility of causing functionality issues within the operating system.


After the shortcuts have been set, you can close the Eggy window and use the aforementioned options anytime with the pre-defined hotkey combination. The only thing that you might have to watch out for is to avoid hitting Quit as that will stop the app from running in the background.  You can also choose to prevent the app to launch at login, unless you wish the app to automatically start with each Mac login session.

Post To Facebook

Eggy is a minimalist app which is quite easy to use and once you get used to it, the available features can appear as good as a native functionality in your Mac computer. Eggy works with Mac OS X version 10.8 or later.

Download Eggy For Mac OS X