How To Add Images From Flickr And SkyDrive To MS Word 2013

Adding images and videos from online sources is easy as ever in the latest Microsoft Word 2013. In a previous post I showed you how to embed videos in MS Word 2013 (from YouTube and other sources), this time I will show you how to use the nifty Flickr integration feature to grab images online to make your Word documents more vibrant. The Online Pictures feature in Word 2013 not only enables adding pictures from Flickr, but also numerous other online sources, including Bing Image Search and Microsoft SkyDrive.

In the first step, you will have to enable Flickr integration via File –> Account –> Add Services –> Images and Videos –> Flickr.

Flickr Integration MS Word 2013

During this process you will be asked to login, connect and authorize your Flickr account with MS Word 2013. Once the authorization process is complete, Flickr will appear as “Connected” within the Account section (File –> Account).

Authorize Flickr Account

To add an image to your document, go to the Insert tab and click Online Pictures.

Online Pictures

This will open a new window where you will be given the option to either import an image from your Flickr account, add a picture from Microsoft SkyDrive or search and insert an image from Clip Art or Bing Image Search. You can simply add an image by clicking on it.

Add Images

After you click on an image, it will be added to your MS Word document from where you can crop and manage it to make it suitable for your document or presentation. While MS Word 2013 already offers a number of handy templates that can give your document a professional look, adding images from online sources can make your document appear even more eye-catching and professional.

Image From Flickr

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